Setting up my new Filofax Garden - Dusk Personal size - Part One

I bought the Filofax Garden - dusk from the Australian Filofax online store,  reviewed it in a previous post,  and now ... introducing Part One of the setting up! <cue fanfare>

This is a rambling, not well formatted, brain dump of a post. I wanted to  give you all a quick glimpse of what I am doing with the new Filofax, and explain some of my setting up process thoughts. The follow up post will have more detail, and hopefully make more sense!

This Filofax is for my personal projects. In my own time I write books on cybercrime and women in tech, I have two blogs, and I also create planner stickers, cybersecurity awarenss merchandise, badge pins and jewellery that I sell in my etsy store, and I write a column on cybercrime for the Women in Security magazine.   I do have a lot of projects on the go and need somewhere to put 'all the things '🤣.

To start with I wanted to put my etsy store business cards in the front pockets, however the pockets are too narrow to fit a standard sized business card horizontally, so I had to slot them in vertically, as you can see in the photo below. I am still not a fan of the pink interior - but I know there are many people that will like the pink lining (The wonderful Desley from the YouTube channel Desley Jane Plans for one!)

OOH side note - if you are a stationery fan and like to see how people use their planners in both a functional and aesthetically pleasing way, have a look at Desley's YouTube channel ... the link to it is here> DesleyJane Plans

And back to my rambling post....

front of a Filofax ring binder, pink fabric with credit card slots, in the slots are business cards
The small front pockets aren't big enough for a standard sized business cards

If you have read my review post, you may recall I felt Filofax had missed an opportunity not having the '100 year' medallion on the actual Filofax. I ended up carefully peeling it form the acetate cover and sticking it to the fly leaf. I also used some of the matching washi tape I bought, to reinforce the holes on the paper fly leaf as you can see in the image below. (As you read this  imagine me waving my hands in a flourish towards the photo).

Inrerior of a ring bound planner, pink lining blue fly leaf, the gold sticker and put it on the fly leaf
Kept the gold sticker and put it on the fly leaf

I used a grid ruled page to scribble a quick index, this won't be the final version, it is just so I can work out what I am doing as I set the Filofax up, and it is functional albeit messy!

Interior of a ring bound planner with a hand written index
Messy index page as I work out what I am putting in each section

I am using the tabbed dividers that match this Filofax, they aren't the garden design of the cover, but the flecked style of the interior, but in various colours.  I will go into more detail about the sections in the Part Two post, however a sneak look at the Finances section, in the photo below, you will see a budget envelope. I am not using that to stash money, but to stash receipts. Also, if you look closely at the upper right hand side, you will notice that I have already managed to ghet a pen mark on it .... I had it a day... a day... and managed to mar it.

inside ring bound planner, a light blue budget envelope

If you have made it through my rambling post, to the end, THANK YOU .... I promise I will do better next time .... I am also working out how to upload a flip thorugh video of the Filofax to this blog, so stay tuned!


If you want to see more posts about Filofaxes and planners please see the index to those topics in my blog to the left of this post, and also I highly recommend you visit Philofaxy.  For planner themed  video content from a  fellow Aussie planner and stationery fan, please check out Desley Jane Plans

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  1. I like the idea of using the planner for projects. Also am checking out the Desley Jane Plans You Tube Channel.

    1. You will enjoy her videos - she does reviews, unboxings, plan-with-mes etc


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