Friday, 13 July 2018

One Book July - Hobonichi Cousin - shopping list

I use a lot of different planners, notebooks and filofaxes to keep track of everything I do and want to remember. I also need to keep a separate work notebook, which is an purple A5 Malden, but I do not need to have all my other things in different books, I just find it easier to stay organised that way. 

You can see a brief post about all of the different filofaxes I use over in the Philofaxy blog.

Despite a set up of books that works well for me, I am keen to try the One Book July challenge, and I have decided to use my Hobonichi Cousin A5 for this.

I usually do shopping lists in a separate filofax that has my budget and receipts in, however for One Book July I decided the shopping list can easily go in my Hobonichi.

We are shopping on the weekend, so I have used the Saturday page, which has ample room, to write down our grocery list. 

The Hobonichi Cousin has an abbreviation of the day of the week, but I prefer it more obvious, so I have used days of the week washi tape that I have bought from Chiyogami Designs to add the day name to the page.

I do not always decorate pages as to me a diary/planner is a tool to keep me organised. Sometimes though I may sketch on a page, and sometimes just because I feel I need the extra inspiration I will decorate a page with stickers and washi tape and other ephemera. On this page, for example, I have added star washi tape and a gold foil sticker to remind me to make time to relax this weekend!

I have not finished writing out our shopping list, but as you can see there is plenty of room left over on the page for a To Do list, notes, journalling and a brain dump.

Don't worry, Little Purple has not been forgotten, it is just having a little holiday on my desk!

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