Friday, 20 July 2018

A glimpse of my Filofax Topaz mini as a wallet

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I had been after  a Filofax in the mini size for a long time. I really wanted one to use as a wallet but Filofax does not appear to make the mini size anymore, with their smallest being the pocket. I finally discovered one that was not only new, but affordable, from Pen City So in December last year I ordered this gorgeous Filofax Topax mini, I think the colour is burgundy.

Beware there are a lot of photos in this post! I wanted to show you all how I use this Filofax and give you plenty of pictures that I am happy for you to 'Pinterest' or use for your own inspiration.

It is an ideal size for me to use as a wallet with the added advantage of having the rings for me to add clear plastic card holders and calendar and note pages. 

I added some sticky notes I purchased from Kikki K and stuck them to a piece of card which I then hole punched and added to the rings.
I bought some clear card holder plastic inserts that are meant for a personal sized business card binder and cut them to fit the mini. Putting my store cards, bank account cards and discount cards in here meant that I can easily flip through my wallet to find the one I want. Additionally with cards that have bar codes, I do not even have to take them out of the plastic sleeves as I just flip the sleeve over to show the reverse of the card for the retailer to scan. I did not get a ruler with this Filofax so I cut down one from a personal sized organiser.

I cut down a cardboard pocket meant for a pocket sized organiser to use to stash my postage stamps and a small magnifier sheet.

I have inserted a small plastic zip pouch that was made for a pocket sized but actually works well in the mini with only a slight over hang at the top. In there I stash receipts and sometimes a coin that I get in change that is not valid currency here and nobody else will accept it!

In the front pockets I have my Medicare card (in Australia we have Government supplied health insurance called Medicare), the bank account card I use most often and my public transport card. There is a double sided opening slot in the front with the Filofax model information on it, I use that to put a paperclip in case i need one.

There is a zip pocket at the back of the Topaz where I store coins, but it cannot take too many so the overflow goes into my lilac coloured piggy bank! I have a small pen in the pen loop as well so I can write down notes or shopping reminders.

There is an open pocket along the back of the Filofax where I put bank note currency, (as opposed to coin currency, as not sure how to describe it.... polymer dollars??? )

I have been using the Filofax Topaz mini as a wallet for six months, and I am really pleased with it. The size is just right for me, it has all the pockets and inserts I need, and it is sturdy.

The leather is like faux crocodile texture and has a mottled burgundy and black colour. The only thing that I think would make it perfect, is if it was purple.....

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