• Write
  • Organise
  • Create
  • Positive
  • Improve


I will blog on here and/or my Alternative Therapies Blog and/or my Herbalism website at least once a week. 
I will actively keep a journal where I write at least a paragraph of either fact or fiction every day!


I will organise my time effectively to be able to fit in all my projects and volunteer activities, and my hobby business, and my studies, and my fulltime job without exhausting myself and ensuring I have time to relax and ..just be!
I will organise my stuff: I will stop hoarding and cluttering!


I will actively participate in creative projects 
I will design and create items to sell in my etsy store and  via my Facebook Page
I will play music (whichever instrument I feel like playing at the time)
I will draw, just for fun


I will keep supporting small home, family run, and hobby business to be a positive force in keepingcottage industry alive!
I will continue Project Funmail to bring some happiness, smiles, and positivity to the days of others.
I will do things for myself and be mindful that I am a worthwhile part of the universe and deserve good things too


I will take steps to improve my hobby business
I will complete at least two tertiary qualifications this year
I will exercise more and look after myself
I will be organised
I will stay free of clutter

My Goals for 2014 are to be organised with my time , my stuff, the house, my craft supplies, everything, so I can spend more time designing and making things and less time trying to sort a messy study out!

I want to do more to support cottage industry and promote small home businesses.

I aim to blog at least once a week, to include product reviews, DIY, and general discussions.

My goals this year in summary are:

  1. blog at least once a week: keep writing, creating, reviewing, and sharing
  2. schedule/organise my time efficiently so I can fit in designing, making, blogging, writing, housework; with my day job!
  3. keep new designs ready to sell in my Facebook store page as well as my etsy store
  4. stay positive, keep positive energy and help others to do the same, support small businesses, promote happiness, fight against negative thoughts

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