Saturday, 18 August 2018

Plan with me - Hobonichi Techo Cousin A5 daily layout

Last week I shared with you how I use the weekly pages in my Hobonichi Tech Cousin A5, you can read that post >> here <<. I still use Filofaxes, including an A5 Malden in purple that I use for work and of course Little Purple, however I am really enjoying using the Hobonichi and will probably use one again next year.

Speaking of Filofaxes, If you are interested in reading about filofaxes and how people use their organisers I encourage you to visitPhilofaxy
For anyone who has not seen the daily page of a Hobonichi Techo Cousin A5, this is what it looks like before the pen. I like the Tome River paper which is thin but sturdy and is really smooth to write on and fountain pen friendly.


I like function first in organisers and diaries as they are productivity tools that I rely on to ensure I do not forget all the things I need to do. I like to add some creativity to the pages as well to brighten my day.

The first thing I do is add some time line washi tape over the top of the times printed on the page. I like the times easy to see and I find this washi tape just right for a time line,


I then lightly block out areas on the page, for the schedule, a to do list, a memo and my journal/scrapbook.


I have a great sticker book I bought from Spotlight (you can see a bit of it in the below photo. It has bullet point strip stickers which are ideal for the to do list section on my daily page.


From the same sticker book I add a fun quote sticker on the top right, and a note to self sticker as a header to the note or memo section of the page.

With days of the week Washi tape I bought from Chiyogami Designs I added 'Wednesday' - days are printed on the page but just as for the printed times the print is very light and I prefer the day name to be more prominent.

I finish setting up the page by ruling lines and shading every second hour on the schedule section, rule the pencil lines with a thin tipped black felt pen, add the journal heading and some more stickers.


The page is ready for me to use and I had fun setting it up. Please note that when I am really busy I do not necessarily set the page up as tidily but the general layout with these sections is how I usually set up each week day. On weekends I use the pages in a different way, for shopping lists, recipes and notes.

In the journal section I will write a short note about the day, add some pictures I draw and colour with watercolour paint or photos I have printed out. 

I am interested to know how other people use their Hobonichi planners and I am happy to promote blogs as well. Leave me a note in the comments section.

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