Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Filofax - storing new paper refills for my A5 and personals filofaxes

NOTE: If you are interested in reading more about filofaxes and how people use their organisers I encourage you to visit Philofaxy

I am a stationery addict - I admit it. I really find joy in using beautifully made paper, colourful pens, fountain pens, pencils, water colour paints, and using paper based task management and information systems.

I often buy paper when I see it on special, or in a design or type that I just know will be great in one of my many Filofax / other brand binders. This created the  challenge <'first world problem'> of where to store the new paper refills while they wait to be used?

Enter these amazing PVC ring binders I bought from eBay for a teeny tiny cost. I am happy to find who the seller was and share their store link with anyone who wants it - just comment if you want that info.

I bought one in A5 and one in personal size - as they are transparent PVC I found them a wee bit difficult to photograph, I altered the white balance a bit so the PVC is tinged yellow to make them easier for you all to see. In reality they are almost as transparent as water. The photo shows the A5 size and the personal size together with paper in them.

The binder rings are about 20mm and are in the standard distance as in Filofax binders. The front cover has a lengthwise vertical pocket inside, which you can see by the slightly stronger shadowy line in the above photo.

My refill paper stash fits neatly in the binders and I think the PVC is strong enough that I could actually even use them as every day carries if I wanted to. I have also thought that they could be used as a base to make a personalised cover.

How do you store your new, yet to be used, refill paper for your filofaxes/binders? I would be interested to know your storage ideas!

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