Monday, 16 July 2018

One Book July - Hobonichi Cousin - week day layout

Are you doing One Book July? Let me know how you are going and if you blog feel free to share your blog link in the comments.

As I mentioned in a post a few days ago I am attempting One Book July. Although I am maintaining the use of my purple A5 Filofax Malden as my work organiser, I am keeping everything else in a Hobonichi Techo Cousin A5.

That means that the Hobonichi needs to have my daily schedule, my to do lists, my memos and notes and my journal. How is it holding up?

Using washi tape I purchased from Chiyogami Designs, as well as Tombow pens, Papermate Flair, Uni Pin black pen and some stickers I think I have managed to get a layout for the day that will actually be able to fit in everything!

For me functional has to take precedence over pretty for a planner, so any aesthetic additions are added as part of or after my functional layout.

Have a look here I am happy with this page and think I can fit my Monday in here quite well!

Although I am thinking that layout is a bit busy - so maybe more how I have set out Tuesday or the more minimalist Wednesday

I will let you know how I go with these pages!

Meanwhile where is Little Purple, my favourite Filofax?

I am taking the time to sort out my purple Malden personal sized and getting rid of superfluous bits of paper and sections I do not use anymore.

Starting at the front pockets, there is so much junk in there! This may take some time!

Hope everyone has a great week.

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