Sunday, 10 June 2018

Art Journal flick through - June 2018

Just finished my latest tertiary qualification as well as working fulltime and volunteering for different not-for-profits, I needed to relax my brain for a bit. I purchased some  new art supplies from the Mixed Media Store ... (Yes I know I have an entire room FULL of art supplies ... but I didn't have THESE ones!) and started an art journal project this month.  I wanted this book to be a 'no rules'book, where it did not matter that the finished pages don't look amazing, and I do not worry that I am not using  proper art techniques  - it is just a collection of quick paintings, collages, words and sketches. The process to me is as important as the finished product and having an art journal means to me that it does not have to be perfect, I am not going to hang the pages on a wall!

Here is a quick flick through of my book so far.

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