Wednesday, 16 May 2018

A glimpse of my purple Malden personal filofax

This gorgeous Filofax has been used daily since 2012, it is the only one of my large collection of Filofaxes and notebooks that I have named. This is Little Purple

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Whether I use it as my primary diary/organiser/planner, or whether I use it for lists and information (as in the old 'file of facts') it has been used every day. Thrown in bags, dropped on desks and working like the little amazing purple powerhouse it is. The cover just looks better and better with the slight scratches and stains it gathers on the way.

The rings are perfect and have stood up to the test of time, opening and closing and lots of paper stuffed in them! I have so many tabs and clips and all sorts of things stashed in Little Purple.

Currently I have a day to a page, and lots of lists, information and note pages crammed inside. For the diary section I use printables that are provided for free by Philofaxy and  I print these on Tomoe River paper. This paper is very thin, like paper in a traditional bible, and is fountain pen friendly and strong. What I like about this paper, other than it being ink friendly, is that as the paper is so thin I can fit heaps of pages in my organiser!

I have a page at the front after a clear plastic dashboard that uses Alice in Wonderland illustrations by Sir John Tenniel. This has no functional purpose other than I like it and it makes me happy!

I edged my day to a page pages in month groups, with Washi tape from local Aussie washi tape seller Chiyogami Designs.

Here is my Filofax Malden personal sized in purple in all its stuffed goodness.

I have a cute little maneki neko in gold  hanging from the bottom ring. It makes me smile to see it.

I use tabs both on the side and the top of pages to divide different sections. I use a silhouette machine to cut out tab shapes from adhesive paper. I made a tassel from lilac embroidery thread and a glass bead which I have attached to the clasp.

So many pages!  Here you can see the edges of my Malden pages: day to a page, shopping lists, volunteer information, pets and vets information, wish lists, measurement conversions, maps, ... a useful and aesthetically pleasing organiser - Little Purple!

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