Monday, 16 July 2018

One Book July - Hobonichi Cousin - week day layout

Are you doing One Book July? Let me know how you are going and if you blog feel free to share your blog link in the comments.

As I mentioned in a post a few days ago I am attempting One Book July. Although I am maintaining the use of my purple A5 Filofax Malden as my work organiser, I am keeping everything else in a Hobonichi Techo Cousin A5.

That means that the Hobonichi needs to have my daily schedule, my to do lists, my memos and notes and my journal. How is it holding up?

Using washi tape I purchased from Chiyogami Designs, as well as Tombow pens, Papermate Flair, Uni Pin black pen and some stickers I think I have managed to get a layout for the day that will actually be able to fit in everything!

For me functional has to take precedence over pretty for a planner, so any aesthetic additions are added as part of or after my functional layout.

Have a look here I am happy with this page and think I can fit my Monday in here quite well!

Although I am thinking that layout is a bit busy - so maybe more how I have set out Tuesday or the more minimalist Wednesday

I will let you know how I go with these pages!

Meanwhile where is Little Purple, my favourite Filofax?

I am taking the time to sort out my purple Malden personal sized and getting rid of superfluous bits of paper and sections I do not use anymore.

Starting at the front pockets, there is so much junk in there! This may take some time!

Hope everyone has a great week.

Friday, 13 July 2018

One Book July - Hobonichi Cousin - shopping list

I use a lot of different planners, notebooks and filofaxes to keep track of everything I do and want to remember. I also need to keep a separate work notebook, which is an purple A5 Malden, but I do not need to have all my other things in different books, I just find it easier to stay organised that way. 

You can see a brief post about all of the different filofaxes I use over in the Philofaxy blog.

Despite a set up of books that works well for me, I am keen to try the One Book July challenge, and I have decided to use my Hobonichi Cousin A5 for this.

I usually do shopping lists in a separate filofax that has my budget and receipts in, however for One Book July I decided the shopping list can easily go in my Hobonichi.

We are shopping on the weekend, so I have used the Saturday page, which has ample room, to write down our grocery list. 

The Hobonichi Cousin has an abbreviation of the day of the week, but I prefer it more obvious, so I have used days of the week washi tape that I have bought from Chiyogami Designs to add the day name to the page.

I do not always decorate pages as to me a diary/planner is a tool to keep me organised. Sometimes though I may sketch on a page, and sometimes just because I feel I need the extra inspiration I will decorate a page with stickers and washi tape and other ephemera. On this page, for example, I have added star washi tape and a gold foil sticker to remind me to make time to relax this weekend!

I have not finished writing out our shopping list, but as you can see there is plenty of room left over on the page for a To Do list, notes, journalling and a brain dump.

Don't worry, Little Purple has not been forgotten, it is just having a little holiday on my desk!

Monday, 9 July 2018

Brain Dumps in Filofax

This post first appeared in full on the Australian Women in Security Network blog. The following is an excerpt. Please go to the AWSN blog to read it in full.

We have one life to live, let's live it!

Those who know me are aware of how eclectic, many and time consuming my interests are. How do I juggle all the things I do? How do I have time to read a few novels a week? How do I sleep with all these ideas hurtling through my brain! How do I not forget what I need to do!

I go 'old school'. I use hard copy note books, diaries and planners to manage all the many things I do. I also use electronic calendars for meeting reminders at work and back them up by ensuring my trusty Filofax, 'Little Purple' has them all noted as well.  In fact I am bit of a stationery addict, as can be seen by a post featuring me over at Philofaxyrecently! .... but I use all of my binders, notebooks and planners to ensure I have a good system to get everything done.

Brains are amazing. The down side to these amazing brains is that sometimes you can become overwhelmed with all the ideas and tasks and thoughts! Idea overload can stop you being effective. You are overwhelmed with ideas and things you have to do for work, for home, for someone else, to buy, to clean, to read .... and are becoming anxious in case you forget something important that you need to do.

Enter the magic of the brain dump.

My filofax is the hub of operations, my little brain companion. Everything is loaded into it and it contains an index to let me know which notebook I need to go to for any specific topic. I cart it with me everywhere and have pages just for brain dumps.

Little Purple

If an idea, task or thought is niggling at your brain and you are worried you will forget, write it down. Brain dumps do not have to be neat, they are just places to capture ideas as they fly across your brain. Put them on paper, email them to yourself, use an electronic note system, something that works for you to dump the thoughts down so you can relax!
Everyone needs to find the way that suits them to ensure their time is managed well and their random thoughts of tasks to do are captured. I like aesthetically pleasing, creative and functional paper based products, others may prefer to use Google Calendar or their phone reminder apps. Let us know in the comments how you manage your time and capture your ideas.

Saturday, 7 July 2018

Around the interwebz - diary, art and planning - July 2018

Hi everyone!

Some great finds on the interwebz in June/July 2018, I have had some free time since I finished my latest degree and have settled into my new job. I have been snooping around the webz looking for great planner, stationery, organiser, filofax, art, ... stuffs to share with you all.

Here are my recent finds, enjoy!

Michaela, from Between the Steps, - AN ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE of mine!!!  - flips through her Hobonichi and Leuchtturm see the video >> here <<

Kayla, from Microscope Beauty, talks about planner things she used to hate but having tried them likes them! >> here <<

Nik the Booksmith shows how to make notebooks from old postcards >> here <<

Kendra Bork shows her July planner lay out >> here <<

Philofaxy, features me!!! I love that blog and am honoured to be in it >> here <<

Creator of one book July, Rhomany, has a great blog >> here <<

Dina Wakley, renowned art journal creator shows us how to do paint pouring art >> here <<

Thursday, 28 June 2018

Hobonichi Techo Avec A6 - unboxing

UPDATE - I love the layout and the paper, so I have ordered the Cousin in A5. I will be using this A6 one to experiment with layouts and to note ideas for putting in the larger Hobonichi!

This is a picture heavy post!

I have seen different videos of Hobonichi diaries/planners and wanted to try the Tomoe River paper and simplified planner pages myself. So I purchased a six month A6 version to try, from etsy seller danika58, to see if I am a Hobonichi convert BEFORE I commit to a more expensive A5 12 month version.

The package arrived from Japan very fast, within a week of purchasing, I was impressed with this as Aussie domestic post can take a loooong time so to have an International post arrive so fast (and free postage) was amazing.

When it arrived, even though I knew it was A6, I was still surprised how tiny it is!  Despite its small size it has a day to a page, month pages, a year overview/index and other pages. The Tomoe River Paper can pack a lot of pages in small space. In some of the pictures here you will also see how easy the pages are to read and use despite the small size.

Compared to my A5 Filofax Malden it is very small!

The Techo Avec comes with a small pamphlet, it is in Japanese so I have no idea what is in it, but from the illustrations it appears to be ideas about how to use the planner. 

Sorry this photo has the shadow of my phone on it! Despite the photo bombing from my phone,you can see how clearly the day on a page information is printed, the checklist boxes and the grid ruling.

Time table page at the back of the book - I like this it could be used for daily tasks that are repeated.

There is a two page spread at the back with an enumerated list of 100 lines to add your top 100 lists of ... something. I like this it could be used for 100 blog topics, journal prompts, favourite things.

There are two pages of exercises you can do in the office, I cannot read the Japanese but the illustrations are well done and I can understand what the exercises are.

There are two pages with useful phrases in different languages - this is quite a useful and education feature.

More photo bombing from my phone here ... but if you ignore the phone shadow you can see a page where you can list gift ideas to buy or make for people and, a page that can list up to six addresses.

I think this next page is for your details, in Filofax the page is usually put at the front of the pages in the binder.

The pages have months shown by coloured rectangles printed on the pages, like tabs, as you can see by this side view.

Each Hobonichi has a seal with a unique number. 
This is a really nice touch, makes the book special!

I will do another blog later on how I am using the book.

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Art Journal flick through - June 2018

Just finished my latest tertiary qualification as well as working fulltime and volunteering for different not-for-profits, I needed to relax my brain for a bit. I purchased some  new art supplies from the Mixed Media Store ... (Yes I know I have an entire room FULL of art supplies ... but I didn't have THESE ones!) and started an art journal project this month.  I wanted this book to be a 'no rules'book, where it did not matter that the finished pages don't look amazing, and I do not worry that I am not using  proper art techniques  - it is just a collection of quick paintings, collages, words and sketches. The process to me is as important as the finished product and having an art journal means to me that it does not have to be perfect, I am not going to hang the pages on a wall!

Here is a quick flick through of my book so far.

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

A glimpse of my purple Malden personal filofax

This gorgeous Filofax has been used daily since 2012, it is the only one of my large collection of Filofaxes and notebooks that I have named. This is Little Purple

For more posts about filofax and other planners please see this page >> here << 

Whether I use it as my primary diary/organiser/planner, or whether I use it for lists and information (as in the old 'file of facts') it has been used every day. Thrown in bags, dropped on desks and working like the little amazing purple powerhouse it is. The cover just looks better and better with the slight scratches and stains it gathers on the way.

The rings are perfect and have stood up to the test of time, opening and closing and lots of paper stuffed in them! I have so many tabs and clips and all sorts of things stashed in Little Purple.

Currently I have a day to a page, and lots of lists, information and note pages crammed inside. For the diary section I use printables that are provided for free by Philofaxy and  I print these on Tomoe River paper. This paper is very thin, like paper in a traditional bible, and is fountain pen friendly and strong. What I like about this paper, other than it being ink friendly, is that as the paper is so thin I can fit heaps of pages in my organiser!

I have a page at the front after a clear plastic dashboard that uses Alice in Wonderland illustrations by Sir John Tenniel. This has no functional purpose other than I like it and it makes me happy!

I edged my day to a page pages in month groups, with Washi tape from local Aussie washi tape seller Chiyogami Designs.

Here is my Filofax Malden personal sized in purple in all its stuffed goodness.

I have a cute little maneki neko in gold  hanging from the bottom ring. It makes me smile to see it.

I use tabs both on the side and the top of pages to divide different sections. I use a silhouette machine to cut out tab shapes from adhesive paper. I made a tassel from lilac embroidery thread and a glass bead which I have attached to the clasp.

So many pages!  Here you can see the edges of my Malden pages: day to a page, shopping lists, volunteer information, pets and vets information, wish lists, measurement conversions, maps, ... a useful and aesthetically pleasing organiser - Little Purple!

See more about Little purple in this post >> here <<

Friday, 27 April 2018

Sharing - AWSN article Profile of Veterans - Mary-Jane

Latest article I wrote for the official AWSN Blog as part of the Profile of Veterans series. You can see the article at this link >>
Profile of Veterans - Mary-Jane <<

Sunday, 22 April 2018

SHARING - post from AWSN blog - Where are all the women

I am the Blog manager for the official Australian Women in Security Network (AWSN) blog, we had a guest writer this month, Lidia Giuliano, who wrote about the lack of women presenters in the infosec industry and why  she thinks this is. This is such a great article I am sharing the link to it here: >>Where are all the women <<

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Happiness Day

This post originally appeared on the Australian Women in Security Blog.

The United Nations, via adviser Jayme Illien, founded the International Day of Happiness, also known as Happiness Day, when the UN resolution 66/281 was unanimously adopted. This day is celebrated on 20 March each year.

Pledging to create more happiness in the world aligns with the goals of the AWSN. By supporting, collaborating with, inspiring and connecting women working in security AWSN can help promote well-being and happiness in these individuals.

On this International Day of Happiness let's reflect on how we can promote kindness, fun and happiness in our own communities.

Sunday, 25 February 2018

Flamingo in a flock of pigeons - first published on the Austraian Women in Security Network Blog

Excerpt from a post I wrote that originally appeared on the Australian Women in Security Network Blog

I am all about STEAM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths.  I do not stick to only one subject or thematic topic, instead preferring to explore a wide variety of disciplines. Over the years I have had people express criticism of my need to learn and my eclectic interests. '. 

To these people I say that my hunger for learning:

  • has not reached a limit and I doubt it will.
  • gives me a broadened outlook.
  • gives me the ability to converse on all manner of diverse topics.
  • makes me anything but boring.
  • enhances my abilities as an employee, enhances my empathy and, enriches my soul.

I am a #GeekGirl and proud!
I am a flamingo in a flock of pigeons!

To read the entire post please go to the Australian Women in Security Network's official blog at this link.


Monday, 1 January 2018

Making Resolutions and keeping them - post first appeared on the AWSN blog

This post in its entirety was first published on the Australian Women in Security Network blog, to see the whole post please go to this link.

As a year ends and another starts it is quite common for people to make resolutions. Sometimes they resolve to lose weight, get fit, stop smoking, pay off debt... endless lists!

According to Statistic Brain however only 9.2% of people succeed in their resolutions and, Business Insider stated that 80% of new year resolutions fail by February of that year!

So how do we make positive improvement resolutions  that we can keep?

Targets are more likely to be achieved if the steps towards them are both realistic and feasible.

When making your plans for 2018, reconsider the standard resolutions that are often made while in party mode and are so vague they never stand a chance of being achieved, and think of two to three main things you wish to do or achieve in the year and make reachable plans on how to bring these into fruition. There is no guarantee that your goals will be achieved in the year, but at least this way you are working towards actual realistic outcomes with tangible steps.

What are your reflections of your resolutions or goals you made in January 2017? Have you achieved these goals/stuck to these resolutions? If yes, what did you do to ensure success? If not, what can you improve on next year to help your success?