Friday, 19 June 2015

Sneak Peek: unboxing the limited edition Blue Midori Traveller's Notebook cover

I love stationery, I draw, write in long hand, and scribble ideas for the things I make to sell in my etsy store. I go through a large amount of sketch books and notebooks in my scribblings and sketching. I have been wanting for a looong time a basic notepad cover that is sturdy and strong, and can cover a few notepads at once, that is small enough to cart around wherever I go, and not so precious that I am too scared to use it in case I scratch it in some way.

Enter the Midori Traveller's notebook cover.

I bought mine from Notemaker, (they are on Twitter a@NoteMakerTweets), which is one of my preferred online stores for quality stationery. The have speedy, quality customer service, and the prices are reasonable, with rewards for repeat customers, and free postage for orders over a certain amount.

Midori is a Japanese stationery brand, not the name of the notebook cover itself, and they make and sell a lot of quality goodies such as brass pens and pencil cases.

The Unboxing

The Midori Traveller's Notebook cover (which I shall abbreviate to MTN for the rest of this post) is beautifully packed. 

Wrapped in clear cellophane and a cardboard cover, with a description tacked to the front and held together with an elasticated band.

Opening the cellophane and cardboard reveals a small cotton drawstring bag ...

Opening the drawstring bag reveals.... the MTN!!!

This one is the limited edition blue, and it is thick but flexible, any scuffs will enhance the look of the cover, and you seriously do not have to treat this with 'kid gloves'. This is a tough cover meant to be used!

The MTN comes with one refill of a blank notepad and a spare elastic to add notepads.

I have a total of four notepads in this cover and they all fit perfectly. 

Midori have a specific sized notepad  for their regular sized covers, as tall as an A5 but skinnier. The paper they use in their notepads is fountain pen friendly and such a smooth paper to write on. I have the thick sketch paper, the plain paper, the ruled, and the graph in mine.

I  hope this unboxing post helps to show you the MTN in more detail than shop websites do, and can help you work out whether this is for you or not!!

I will show my MTN set up in a future post.

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