Thursday, 16 April 2015

DIY: personal tissue holder

I always have tissues on my person, stuffed in my sleeves, shoved in a backpack, or littering my handbag. How much nicer would it be to have my tissues in an organised decorative especially made holder to slip into my bag? I decided to make one for myself, it took less than ten minutes, easy to make takes a teeny bit of fabric, and can be made different ones to match your bag, your stationery, your décor! 

They are so quick to make you could make heaps and give them as gifts or use them to sell at fund raisers and fêtes. If you don’t sew.... and here is a plug for my store... i make these and sell them in my etsy store and via my facebook page and am happy to take custom orders.

Here is how to make a tissue holder for your tissue stash!

Cut two rectangles of fabric, you can use matching or contrasting fabric whatever you want to! I used a bright yellow and orange floral print as my lining fabric, and a blue polka dotted fabric as my outer fabric.

The  rectangles need to be about 16.5 cm * 14 cm(you need to alter this according to the size of your mini tissue pack as some are larger than others!).

  • With face side in, sew all around the rectangle with about 0.5cm seam leaving 2 cm un-stitched. 
  • Turn right side around, and iron flat,. Ironing helps to keep the project neat and makes it easier to sew as there are no bubbles or creases in the fabric to mess up your straight lines!
  • Stitch around the rectangle, to close off the small opening, and to make all the sides uniform. In this example I chose a decorative stitch, however a straight stitch or hand stitching is fine as well.
  • with long sides horizontal, fold the fabric in half short sides together to provide a half way line, then unfold it, and fold the left side and right side up to the midway line. Iron and pin to make it easier to stitch.

  • Stitch across the short sides

  • Then turn the fabric the right way around, and put your small packet of tissues, or some loose tissues you have folded into the holder, and you are ready to use it!

Ideal to make for fund raisers, fêtes, or as a small gift! These tissue holders help to organise your tissues in your bag, and you could make other accessories, such as diary cover and draw string bags for makeup, in matching or coordinating fabric and have a set of items!

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