Sunday, 21 December 2014

So long (2014) and thanks for all the fish

This is the last blog post on Empress Bat's Journal for 2014! I would normally make reference to the year flying by, but it has been a long year full of challenges and frankly I am looking forward to the holidays where our office is shut and I can relax!

As it is near the end of the year I would like to spend a moment to reflect on my goals this year, and see how I went with them.

My goals for 2014 were:

  1. blog at least once a week: keep writing, creating, reviewing, and sharing
  2. schedule/organise my time efficiently so I can fit in designing, making, blogging, writing, housework; with my day job!
  3. keep new designs ready to sell in my Facebook store page as well as my etsy store
  4. stay positive, keep positive energy and help others to do the same, support small businesses, promote happiness, fight against negative thoughts
1. Blog at least once a week: In 2014 as well as blogging 56 posts on this blog, I created a new blog about Herbalism and alternative therapies, which has 23 posts, and a website on Herbalism called Apothecary Greens, which has 6 posts in the Apothecary Recipes section. So all up that is 85 blog posts for the year!! That equates to blogging 'at least once a week' , (in fact that is blogging 1.6 times a week, but who is counting... oh yes I am..) per goal number one! YAY I can tick that one off as successful!

2. Organise my time: I am still perfecting this, but I think I have done pretty well, because as well as working full time outside the home and running my hobby business, cooking, cleaning, and other household errands, I have completed 2 Diplomas and started another! 

I am giving myself another tick on this, however organising my space.. needs work!

3. Keep designing and creating and stocking my hobby store: I have made a number of sales this year, plus created many items for charities to use. Although I have not been as productive with my hobby store as I would like to be, I feel I have certainly worked in the right direction!. Additionally I have created a new range of one of a kind brooches that will be for sale in the new year! 

4. Stay positive and support others: This year I created a Facebook Page to support other small hobby and family run businesses; I have also been involved with  the Documented Life Project to ensure I spend time for myself being creative to help me feel happier. Additionally I have created a project called  Project Funmail where I send cards or small gifts to people at random throughout the year to spread some happiness, I am still doing this. It has not been easy all the time to stay positive or to help others to be positive but I have put a lot of effort in!

WOW!!! How many of you can say they actually STUCK to there new year goals / resolutions all year ?? Feel free to let me know in the comments section how you went with your goals for the year!

I am so pleased that I achieved my goals this year and am currently patting myself (figuratively speaking) on the back!

I have already worked out my goals for 2015, but dear batlings you will have to see what they are in the new year! 

In 2015 I hope to introduce you to a guest blogger or two, as well as bring you more reviews, some fun, and more free printables.

As this year ends, I am reflecting on the challenges in the year, as well as the high points and successes of the year. I wish you all a safe and happy end of year holiday time, and look forward to blogging more for you in 2015!

So long 2014, and to quote the late great Douglas Adams 'Thanks for all the fish'

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