Sunday, 7 December 2014

Review: typo Taylor Satchel

I recently purchased a Taylor satchel from Typo, and I am very pleased with it. So that all of my lovely batling readers can have a look at this lovely bag, I thought I'd review it!

The Taylor satchel comes in six different colours/designs, and costs $39.95 AUD. It comes with a detachable shoulder strap and the bag is 28 cm * 35cm * 8cm. 

On to my purchase!

I decided on the vinyl tooled/engraved style brown Taylor satchel, a nice mix between professional looking briefcase, and gothic goodness!

I ordered online from Typo (also known as Cotton On), and it arrived within a week of purchase.  I found the customer service and reliability of ordering fro Typo online great!  Typo has many stores in the 'real world' but I do not like crowds and too much noise so I try to avoid shopping in 'bricks n mortar' stores!

My order arrived, nicely packaged in a box, and everything perfect!

The satchel!

The Taylor Satchel does not disappoint, strongly made, and quality product, the 'engraving' look of the scroll work on the surface is beautiful.

There is a handle attached to the top of the bag, as well as the adjustable and detachable shoulder strap.  (gratuitous shot of my funky nail polish as well...)

The bag is lined in matching fabric, and contains an internal zipped pocket.  

There are two pockets on the front big enough for a phone and a 7" tablet, or a small diary. (Another gratuitous shot of my funky nails!)

The front pockets have the same engrave/tooled leather look on the vinyl as the satchel flap does.

The bag has enough depth to carry files, a sandwich, wallet, small camera, phone, tablet device, small laptop computer, planner or diary, and whatever else you want to stash in it!

I am very happy with this purchase! Thanks Typo!

Please share your bag purchases!

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  1. I have been thinking of getting one of these bags from Typo for a while, thanks for your review, I am looking at the green flora one that they have on their website. looks good!

  2. Again, that bag looks great! I'd love to hear an update on how it goes in a month or two from now. I've had bags feel great at first, but feel cumbersome after just a couple of weeks. But this one looks like it'll go a good distance. :)

    At the moment, I've got a rachelELISE satchel - - I bloody love it. I was dubious at first, cos it only has one tiny inner pocket, but it's turned out a blessing cos I was forced to simplify my cargo. I'm loving doing things this way. The satchel fits my phone, a clutch with my wallet & keys, a thin notebook, and my filofax pocket planner. Sometimes I can slip a DS or digital camera in there too, but wouldn't make that the norm. It's a deceptively sized bag - fits way more than it looks like it should - I'm so glad I didn't get the size up now, because this one's just perfect.

    It's a fabric bag, so I worry about the hardiness and keeping it clean. It's not sturdy at all like your Typo bag; doesn't stand up on its own. But all's going well so far. I figure if it gets grubby, I can just bung it in the wash. It feel very well made with good materials, so I'm optimistic about that. :)

    Looking forward to seeing more bags on your bag roster!


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