Friday, 14 November 2014

New downloadable for A5 planner pages in swirling watercolour

I have three planner binders, two Filofaxes and one Kikki K. I use all three of them plus a diary!

  • The Filofax A5 Metropol contains my courses/study; my home business records; and a place for me to put lists of stores i like etc
  • The Filofax Personal Domino has my grocery lists, my project funmail addresses, and stamps, receipts and other shopping stuff
  • my Kikki K A5 planner is my project planner and it has to do lists, addresses for businesses, and meeting notes
I like to create my own personalised pages for my planner binders, and I am always happy to share them with anyone else for free for them to download and print and use for themselves too!
Please if you share links to any of my downloadables be courteous and state where you got them from and please do not onset any of the free stuff!

Today I painted some swirls of colour in watercolour paints and scanned it in as a background for some new planner pages.

If anyone would like to use them you can obtain them from my Google drive from this link, if you have any challenges getting them to download please comment on this post with your email addy and I will happily email a copy of them to you!

Print these on A5 pages!

This is what they look like:
cover or divider

ideas page

a page for lists: shopping, wish, books, movies all sorts of things

a page for notes

the timetable page

the to do section

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