Saturday, 25 October 2014

FREE PRINTABLES!: planner pages. To DO pages for work, home, and the garden!

Hello everyone!
I am spending Saturday evening doing some housework (blek) and also working out my schedule for the next few months.

I have recently enrolled in Diploma Languages (german), as well as Higher International Diploma (Herbalism), as well as work fulltime outside of the home, travel with work, have volunteered to project lead a conference for next year which is being planned feverishly at the moment, and run my hand made jewellery business.

This means i am busy.

This means i need to reassess my schedule to ensure I fit everything in that i need to in a day and still have time to relax!

So i was going through my A5 Filofax Metropol (which I have previously blogged about here and here) and realised i needed some more customised pages to help me keep myself organised.

I am not a fan of some of the bland commercially available ones, and I really would prefer to create my own anyway.

I have previously made some inserts for my Metropol, which i am happy for people to print and use for themselves, these can be found on my Free Downloads page and there are also printable affirmations on my Positive Printables page.

Tonight I realised that I want TO DO lists that are specific to the areas in my life they pertain to, rather than having a rambling to do list that contains work, home, garden, shopping, pets, ....
Having To DO lists specific to the area they belong to, means i can shove the lists in the sections in my Filofax they are relevant ot as well. Making it easier for me to work out what i need to do when for any given area in my life!  This makes sense to me ... it may not make sense to the rest of you ... but I hope it does!

I find these pages I created for myself to be very useful to me, and help me to plan and organise all the things I do each day.  I have shared them here in case anyone else would like them!  They are free for you to download and print for your own personal use. If you wish to share them online please ensure you link back to my blog, as a courtesy! Thanks.

The pages are:
To do for work, To do for home, to do for garden, and to do for study.

Image files of the pages are below. You can download these and then paste them onto a word document and size them as you wish for larger or smaller pages.  I have also added links to the word documents after all the image files!

The links to download the word document files are below, if you have any problems with those links please let me know!

I am creating more for myself so my planners can all have a groovy new Springtime feel! I will upload my pages to my blog for anyone to use as I create them.

Have fun!

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