Thursday, 28 August 2014

Snow Gum Bounty Farm: a family business

Supporting cottage industry, hobby businesses and small family enterprises is important. I firmly believe that we all need to support cottage industry so that we will always have the choice to purchase and own quality products. Large enterprises are pushing out small family run business and if we do not support these small hobby or home businesses, in the end all we will have left is mass produced, factory, plastic, tasteless, nasty, soulless items!

I have in the past blogged about products and businesses involved in jewellery making, home decoration, and aromatherapy, and today I am introducing you to a family farm business.

Snow Gum Bounty is a family farm/small business in Yass, New South Wales, Australia. They describe themselves as a family operated farm that provides grass fed sheep and beef to the Canberra and surrounding regions.

photo (c) Snow gum Bounty: see the kangaroos peaking over the fence?
They sell lamb, beef and hogett (a hogett is a sheep over a year old and less than two years)  meat directly to the public, how cool is that? Their business is registered as an Australian Business and they maintain a Food Standards licensed mobile cool room. 

This farm is run by a young couple and their little boy; a hard working family with honest, ethical, and quality values. They have some amazing plans for their farm and really care about their environment.  

Snow Gum Bounty Farm is looking to future improvements of the pastures by using livestock and not chemical fertilisers and are continually work towards improving the land and improving the quality of the fields that grow the grass that feeds their animals.
Can you see the two alpacas? I LOVE alpacas! photo (c) Snow Gum Bounty
If you want to know more about their farm or  wish to join their mailing list please contact them via email 

Bovine model courtesy of (c) Snow Gum Bounty
Please support this family run business! Please LIKE them on Facebook!


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