Thursday, 13 February 2014

GOALS check in: Did you make resolutions and did you keep them?

Hi everyone out in the Blogosphere.

We are already in mid February of 2014, and I was wondering, of the people who made 'New Year's Resolutions', or goals for the year, how many are still actively pursuing these?

My goals this year involve being more active in supporting home businesses by promoting helping cottage industry owners stay positive and motivated,  blogging at least once a week, organising my time so I had capacity and energy to study, work full time, and continue making items to sell, and to keep a positive outlook.

In fact I listed my goals for all of you to see in my first post of the year, recapped here for you:

My goals this year are:

  1. blog at least once a week
  2. schedule/organise my time efficiently so I can fit in designing, making, blogging, writing, housework; with my day job!
  3. keep new designs ready to sell in my Facebook store page as well as my etsy store
  4. stay positive, keep positive energy and help others to do the same
As we are well into the second month of the year, I am taking a moment to reflect on what I have done thus far in the year to stay on track with my 'resolutions'.

I have started a page on facebook aimed at promoting and supporting small home businesses, each week night I do a feature news post on that page promoting specials that small home businesses are having, or sharing their websites or pages.

I have blogged at least once a week and sometimes more.

I am organising my time more efficiently and effectively, and am fitting in my full-time job, my hobby craft business, my study, normal household chores, and time to relax.

I am creating new designs to sell on my facebook page or in my etsy store.

I am continually keeping a gauge on my mental health, and continue to fight negative thought processes.

So far so good.

How are you all doing with your resolutions or goals?
I would really love to hear from you! you can tell me about your resolutions whether you have kept them or not, here.

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  1. Way to go! I'm doing the Etsy School February course (on several teams). I am currently overhauling my Etsy shop pictures and descriptions. And last, but not least: I am blogging much more consistently. Yay! Congrats on keeping up your resolutions. :-)

    1. You keep up the good work too Mas!! you are doing great


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