Thursday, 20 February 2014

REVIEW: Beaded Webs: beautiful bead and wire sculptures hand crafted in Australia

In tonight's blogpost, I am featuring a local artist from Queensland, Australia who creates absolutely gorgeous intricate original designs from seed beads and wire.

A very talented Australian artisan, this lady creates beautiful designs out of wire, beads, and trinkets, she sells them from her facebook page, at bargain prices even though they are worth so much more. 

One of her recent Beaded creations is a mermaid themed one, I am totally blown away by the detail she has created by only using wire and beads. The red beaded hair is flowing and luxurious, and the scales on the tail and fin are so delicately created. A masterpiece!
Picture (c) Beaded Webs 2014
As well as character pieces such as the mermaid, Beaded Webs creates intricate interwoven pieces based on a central design element. In the below example, she has created the complex layers growing from the central tree of life image. Look at all the detailed work that has gone into this piece!

Picture (c) Beaded Webs 2014
Nature is often a theme in her work, such as the wolf and the moon, which features tiny moon and star charms as well as the memorising wolf baying at the crescent moon!
Picture (c) Beaded Webs 2014
Another speciality from this artist, is gemstone 'bonsai' trees, I am lucky enough to own one of these, which i keep at work to lift my spirits while I am at my desk.
Picture (c) Beaded Webs 2014
If you would like to purchase any of her amazing work, please visit her facebook page and peruse her for sale album there.

I can say with pride that I own many Beaded Webs original pieces, in a variety of sizes, colours, and themes. She is a truly gifted artist and I would be so happy if her work could be seen by the world!

NOTE: all photos used here at copyright of BEADED WEBS

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