Thursday, 27 February 2014

REVIEW: Galaxies of Fragrant Oils from Galaxy Aromatherapy

AROMATHERAPY is the use of oils from plants and flowers to assist in healing and alleviating symptoms, physically, emotionally and psychologically.  The term aromatherapy was not used until the 20th Century, however the use of oils for medicinal purposes has been documented throughout history, dating back to Ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece, and China.

Essential oils are expensive, you want to use good quality oils, and this will cost you. You also need to know how to blend them, what oils work together, what must never be used together, what must not be used for certain conditions, and the quantities to use.

Want the easy way out?
Then visit Galaxy Aromatherapy.
(c) Galaxy Aromatherapy
Galaxy Aromatherapy, also on facebook, is run by a qualified practising Aromatherapist originally from New Zealand. She runs a small business in Melbourne where she sees her clients, and also sells oils, oil blends, cremes, soaps, sprays and candles from her website.

There are so many places to buy essential oils from these days, so why choose Galaxy Aromatherapy?

I choose to buy from Galaxy Aromatherapy because the store owner provides:

  • Quality customer service, all the time, every time, always 
  • Knowledgable, empathetic, intelligent advice and options provided
  • Essential oil blends that are affordable
  • Essential oil blends that do what they say they will
  • Reliable, trustworthy and responsible sales transactions
What are my go to faves from Galaxy Aromatherapy?

I travel a lot with work, I have a lowered immune system, and tend to catch any respiratory/sinus infection doing the rounds. I also find i get stuffy sinuses on planes, and in motel rooms.
So what will i NEVER travel without?

Containing peppermint, lavender true, cedar wood atlas, lemon, eucalyptus radiata, and manuka, this blend is ideal to travel with to keep sniffles at bay and sinuses clear.

So many ways to use this blend to keep sinuses clear, for example it can be used:
  • on a cotton bud in a perfume locket necklace
  • on a tissue/handkerchief
  • on your pillow
  • as a steam inhalation
  • diluted in a carrier as a chest/neck, sinuses rub
Or just 'sniffed' straight from the bottle!

[Do NOT use when pregnant as cedar wood and peppermint are both known to have an emmenagogue action.]

(c) Galaxy Aromatherapy
Galaxy Aromatherapy isn't just about the oils, she also sells soap. 

I use her Spearmint, Citrus and Green clay soap, and it keeps my skin clear from those nasty little pore clog creating bumps and infections that tend to haunt my face whenever i am stressed. So much nicer than using acne creams, this soap smells pleasant, has a light frothy suds, and is not overly drying on the skin. It really works to keep my skin fresh and clean, I really like this soap!

Recently I emailed her to ask about an oil blend specific to assist me cope with anxiety issues, she was as always courteous, knowledgable, and empathetic, steering me towards the best oil blend option for my needs.

She is passionate about Aromatherapy, and her energy and enthusiasm for this natural therapy shines through in all she does.

If you want to know more about Aromatherapy and how it may help you, or wish to purchase some oil blends or other essential oil based items, please contact her either on her facebook page or via her website.

Feel free to post a comment

CAUTION: please always read any warning labels on essential oil packaging, understand that although natural, these can work as medicines and need to be used appropriately, consult a practitioner  of aromatherapy if you have any queries.

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Thursday, 20 February 2014

REVIEW: Beaded Webs: beautiful bead and wire sculptures hand crafted in Australia

In tonight's blogpost, I am featuring a local artist from Queensland, Australia who creates absolutely gorgeous intricate original designs from seed beads and wire.

A very talented Australian artisan, this lady creates beautiful designs out of wire, beads, and trinkets, she sells them from her facebook page, at bargain prices even though they are worth so much more. 

One of her recent Beaded creations is a mermaid themed one, I am totally blown away by the detail she has created by only using wire and beads. The red beaded hair is flowing and luxurious, and the scales on the tail and fin are so delicately created. A masterpiece!
Picture (c) Beaded Webs 2014
As well as character pieces such as the mermaid, Beaded Webs creates intricate interwoven pieces based on a central design element. In the below example, she has created the complex layers growing from the central tree of life image. Look at all the detailed work that has gone into this piece!

Picture (c) Beaded Webs 2014
Nature is often a theme in her work, such as the wolf and the moon, which features tiny moon and star charms as well as the memorising wolf baying at the crescent moon!
Picture (c) Beaded Webs 2014
Another speciality from this artist, is gemstone 'bonsai' trees, I am lucky enough to own one of these, which i keep at work to lift my spirits while I am at my desk.
Picture (c) Beaded Webs 2014
If you would like to purchase any of her amazing work, please visit her facebook page and peruse her for sale album there.

I can say with pride that I own many Beaded Webs original pieces, in a variety of sizes, colours, and themes. She is a truly gifted artist and I would be so happy if her work could be seen by the world!

NOTE: all photos used here at copyright of BEADED WEBS

Feel free to post a comment 
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Thursday, 13 February 2014

GOALS check in: Did you make resolutions and did you keep them?

Hi everyone out in the Blogosphere.

We are already in mid February of 2014, and I was wondering, of the people who made 'New Year's Resolutions', or goals for the year, how many are still actively pursuing these?

My goals this year involve being more active in supporting home businesses by promoting helping cottage industry owners stay positive and motivated,  blogging at least once a week, organising my time so I had capacity and energy to study, work full time, and continue making items to sell, and to keep a positive outlook.

In fact I listed my goals for all of you to see in my first post of the year, recapped here for you:

My goals this year are:

  1. blog at least once a week
  2. schedule/organise my time efficiently so I can fit in designing, making, blogging, writing, housework; with my day job!
  3. keep new designs ready to sell in my Facebook store page as well as my etsy store
  4. stay positive, keep positive energy and help others to do the same
As we are well into the second month of the year, I am taking a moment to reflect on what I have done thus far in the year to stay on track with my 'resolutions'.

I have started a page on facebook aimed at promoting and supporting small home businesses, each week night I do a feature news post on that page promoting specials that small home businesses are having, or sharing their websites or pages.

I have blogged at least once a week and sometimes more.

I am organising my time more efficiently and effectively, and am fitting in my full-time job, my hobby craft business, my study, normal household chores, and time to relax.

I am creating new designs to sell on my facebook page or in my etsy store.

I am continually keeping a gauge on my mental health, and continue to fight negative thought processes.

So far so good.

How are you all doing with your resolutions or goals?
I would really love to hear from you! you can tell me about your resolutions whether you have kept them or not, here.

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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Illustration Day: frog prince by Poppy Fyfe

Today's illustration is brought to you by the talented Poppy Fyfe, a young artist from Brisbane.

She sent me this cool drawing last week, and I really appreciate the happy snail mail!! She also included a purple bracelet she made on a rainbow loom, which is very trendy!

Creativity is a wonderful gift, let's all keep encouraging it.

thanks Poppy!

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