Sunday, 19 January 2014

Tips for motivation and inspiration

I have been creative for as long as I can recall sentience, however there are times when I just cannot make anything, design anything, think..of anything. Considering i have a small hobby business that sells the things i create, it is a bit of a drag if i can't motivate or inspire creativity within myself!

Stay positive!

Easier said than done, however if you train your thoughts to turn things around to think of them in a more positive way, or as a healthy challenge to overcome, then this can help in a small way to bring your inspiration and motivation back. Do not take on the stress or nasty thoughts of other people, and choose happiness. Nothing kills inspiration and motivation as quickly as depressive thoughts!

Do something different

Are you making something out of clay and the clay just will not take the shape you can see in your head and you are telling yourself you are useless and why on earth did you believe you could do this? Then step away from the bench!! Go for a walk, read a book, smell the roses, and do something different. Then go back to the clay after your mind is refreshed.


Okay so the gorgeous hand knitted bags you re making are just not selling?? Refocus, have a look around market stalls, chat to people, see what is online, and find out what people want at this moment! Refocus and make something else for a while. Knit bags aren't selling, what about knitted scarves for winter instead?
Keep trying different things, find a good seller, and work with that, intersperse other items to sell, but keep your main saleable item a constant!.

What tips do you have to stay inspired and motivated?

What tips do you have to sale the things you make?

Feel free to comment!

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  1. Great tips! I definitely find that taking a breather can help blow away the cobwebs and any negativity or frustration. Also it's great to check out other places that have similar wares and get some inspiration and see what is popular so you can start something a little different. Sometimes the renewed motivation that comes with a new kind of project can seep into your older 'constant' projects and bring new life to them.

    1. Thanks for your comment! Btw my Bellabox arrived this morning so yours will arrive soon . I cant wait to see your blog post reviews of it!


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