Saturday, 20 April 2013


Following on from my new year blog about sorting my craft room, today's post is about organisation ideas!

I cannot afford specially made mass produced highly priced accessories for storage, so I prefer to upcycle and make my own storage solutions.

1. Upcycled Food Tin adhesive holder

I have lots of tubes and bottles of all sorts of types of glue. When they are in drawers they leak, when they are on shelves they fall. To solve this, I washed out empty baked bean tins, dried them, and covered them with old gift paper, glued the paper on, then glued on some twine and some other decorative things. I then glued all the cans together to make a connected storage piece.

It sits neatly on a shelf, looks cool and crafty, and holds all my glue!!

Cost to make: around $1 for the whole thing as i reused old gift wrap, and used emptied bean tins.

2. Upcycled jars to hold buttons, spools of cotton, bobbins

I have a heap of buttons, different colours, different sizes, masses of cotton spools, and heaps of sewing machine bobbins. Keeping them organised and in one easy to use area was getting difficult!

I washed and dried old jam jars/ olive jars ...peeling off the labels. Painted the lids in cheerful colours, printed out old style labels and glued them to the jars.

After sorting buttons in colour, and size, i placed them in the glass jars, the cotton spools also were placed in jars, as were the bobbins. They all sit on the shelf near my sewing machine, they are decorative and useful!

Cost to make: maybe $2 for ten, (used tiny amount of paint, labels, glue)


What are your organisation ideas?? Please comment and share links or ideas !!