Saturday, 22 December 2012

ALPHABET BLOG CHALLENGE: K is for Kalaidescope of colours! Lime Crime Cosmetics

Another of my alphabet challenge blog posts, up to the letter K. K s for Kalaidescope colours, swirling into a chaos of glitter and gloss! What cosmetic company provides an amazing kalaidescope of colurs in their pallette? Lime Crime!

Lime Crime is both Vegan and cruelty free, is affordably priced , all products feature beautiful colours and are imaginatively packaged.

The latest of the Lime Crime brush on liquid lipsticks is their new Velvetines range. Available in two beautiful colours Red Velvet and Suedeberry. The Red Velvet appears to be the most popular shade of the two, with it selling out fast from both the Lime Crime site and resellers! The gorgeous soft matte texture of the Velvetines range and the vibrant pigmentation, make these lipsticks beautiful to use and they look beautiful on!

Lime Crime also produces bullet style lipsticks and gorgeous lip gloss! The lipgloss is called Carousel, the packaging is sublime, and the product is smooth, pigmented in beautiful colours, and protects your lips. Team the glosses up with the Lime Crime lipsticks for extra colour!

Another favourite of mine from Lime Crime is there eye liner range, a recent purchase I have made is the gorgeous metallic eyeliners called Rhyme and Reason. Rhyme is a beautiful true gold pigment, it glides on smoothly with a small brush in the cap for ease of precision and has great staying power. Reason is like molten silver, both these metallics look great teamed up with Quill, which is Lime Crime's shiny black eye liner!

In addition to eyeliner, Lime Crime also produces beautiful eye shadow palettes, available in the imaginatively named, Alchemy, Aquataenia, Chna Doll, and Pallete D'Antoinette. Packaged in sleek delightfully decorative containers, the eye shadows may be used both wet and dry. For extra colour stay power, team them up with a primer, also available from Lime Crime. Use the eye shadow primer on your lids first, then apply your eyeshadow; I prefer to use the primer, dus lightly with translucent poweder, then dmp eyeshadow, followed up with a light brush of the eye shadow in its dry form.

Lime Crime is availble online from:


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