Saturday, 16 June 2012

Alphabet Challenge: Happily Handmade Handcrafts

Up to H in my alphabet challenge blogs, and today's post is about Happily Handmade items, beautiful things made by clever artists.

Beaded Webs

There is an amazing artisan creating as Beaded Webs, who makes the most delciate and decorative wire and bead creations! Based in Queensland Australia, she works from home and sells from Facebook.

Starting off with wire sculpting and hand beaded web shapes, she has since branched out (excuse the pun) into tree of life shapes, as well as owls, bats, and cars. Her gorgeous bead and wire art is created in a variety of sizes such as large hanging decorations, pendant or keyring sized and medium sized beaded decorations.

I have purchased a purple, as well as a red and black beaded web from her and they are gorgeous! I also have two gorgeous bat beaded decorations that she made to order for me!

Beautifully made, and unique items, her online store is worth a look, and why not buy yourself something beautiful from her today!

Below are some pictures of her great pieces




  1. This bead work is beautifully done! I checked out her facebook page earlier and I'm now a fan.

    Your blog is just up my alley and can't wait to see what you post in the future :)

  2. Just read your "About Me" and my favorite books of all-time is Alice's in Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass! Right on! I get it about people vs. animals, too. Animals never judge us. Hope your cats don't eat you lol


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