Sunday, 3 June 2012

Alphabet Challenge: Fantastic Finds

Up to the letter F in my alphabet Blog Challenge! Today's blog post is about FANTASTIC FINDS: things that i have found online that i think are really cool and want to share with all of you batlings out there!!!

1. Fantastic find one:

Online shop Haus of Zombi hosted as a Facebook page, this store has a great variety of the most amazing vegan lipsticks in a variety of hues! I have just ordered a glittery ruby lipstick, glittery green lipstick, and also a mega black mascara from this shop!!

2. Fantastic find two:

Interesting blog, if you are Goth or interested in reading more about the culture have a look at the blog called The Ultimate Goth Guide. A very well thought out blog, with DIY pages, fashion tips, and general discussion, i am a regular reader of this interesting and informative blog!

3. Fantastic find three:

Little Paws Kitten Rescue is a charitable organisation that rescues 'death row' cats from shelters and fosters them while they await their FURever homes. Additionally they rescue abused or homeless cats and look after them, making them healthy again, fostering them until they are adopted.

They do a wonderful job and the dedicated volunteers put a lot of their time, energy, and money into looking after the kitties! I adopted my adult cat, Phoenix II from them last year, and he is a great cat that has become very comfortable in our household.

If you wish to help this amazing NO KILL cat rescue organisation you can do so at this link: DONATE TO LITTLE PAWS.

For more information about this caring organisation or to learn how you can help them please visit their official website.

Fantastic find four:

4. Beaded Webs is a home run business specialisings in the most intricate, beautiful, decorative webs, bats, and trees of life made from wire and beads. I own three of her webs and three of her bats! They are beautiful and a bargain price for such well made items. Please check her online store out!

5. Fantastic find five:

Needle Noodles/Creepy Cute Crochet provides tutorials on crochet, sells her crochet items and patterns and has written a crochet pattern book, that i happen to have a copy of, called 'Creepy Cute Crochet'. If you are a Goth and want to make some cool gothic characters from crochet, have a look at her site and check out her book.

................................................................................................................ Please visit me on etsy! handcrafted gothic goodies at bargain prices. see me on etsy! ...Please visit me on etsy! handcrafted gothic goodies at bargain prices. see me on etsy!


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  1. Great post! I think that is so great that you are going through the alphabet! Great way to get you to blog.


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