Saturday, 16 June 2012

Alphabet Challenge: Happily Handmade Handcrafts

Up to H in my alphabet challenge blogs, and today's post is about Happily Handmade items, beautiful things made by clever artists.

Beaded Webs

There is an amazing artisan creating as Beaded Webs, who makes the most delciate and decorative wire and bead creations! Based in Queensland Australia, she works from home and sells from Facebook.

Starting off with wire sculpting and hand beaded web shapes, she has since branched out (excuse the pun) into tree of life shapes, as well as owls, bats, and cars. Her gorgeous bead and wire art is created in a variety of sizes such as large hanging decorations, pendant or keyring sized and medium sized beaded decorations.

I have purchased a purple, as well as a red and black beaded web from her and they are gorgeous! I also have two gorgeous bat beaded decorations that she made to order for me!

Beautifully made, and unique items, her online store is worth a look, and why not buy yourself something beautiful from her today!

Below are some pictures of her great pieces



Monday, 4 June 2012

Alphabet Challenge: Great ipad accessories

i am not an Apple fan boi.. or fan ghoul, but i do own an ipod and an ipad, as far as light weight, easily transportable, user friendly, long battery life computing goes, the ipad wins with me!

I own a 64gb, 3G sim + wifi, ipad 2, and have had it for over a year, in that time i have downloaded a variety of different apps, and used different accessories with it; which has led me to write this blog post, to share with all of you dear Batings, the accessories i NEED to have, want to have, and a wishlist for my ipad!

I welcome comments from other tablet computing users on your fave apps, ios or android, or ..whatever os you use, and your fave accessories!

so lets get on with G alphabet challenge blog post, and talk about GREAT accessories... G is for Great....


First of all, a sturdy cover is a MUST! I am not the most graceful of Goths, and i do have a habit of tripping over my doc martens, while wearing them, and getting my lace skirts caught in whatever i happen to be passing.. i also have a nasty habit of dropping things. i have a few different covers for my ipad, two silicon gel type squishy covers, a zip closure ipad bag type cover and a polyurethene folder type cover. I have recently ordered a hard shell cover for it and hope to recieve that soon! My ipad is well dressed and enjoys a variety of covers depending on his mood.... that reminds me Batlings, my ipad has a name, he is called Newton... after Sir Isaac, and also after Apple Computings PDA attempt which was called Newton... a little in geeky joke you see.. hmmm.ok ..anyway my ipad is named Newton.


next in my list of ipad MUST have accessories is a stick on screen protector. Sure the ipad has a hardened glass screen with some kind of oily fingerprint repellant, but who wants to risk a scratched screen?? i have a slightly glossy screen protector and it has been on my ipad since i bought it 18 months ago, it is still going well and does not need replacing so far. i feel less fearful about scratching or dropping nail polish or ink or something on my ipad screen and permanently harming it, as the screen protector plastic is cheap and easily replaceable.


the ipad needs a full current to charge from, it cant obtain sufficient charge from usb 2.0 to charge, so do not forget to get your self a spare charger that plugs into the electrical socket! that way you can have one for home and one for work.. or for home and for travel... or if you are like me and lose stuff, a spare is a GREAT idea... unless you lose it too of course...


maybe not an essential to many of you, and the late Steve Jobs apparently felt that a stylus was not needed or wanted with an ipad, but i use my ipad for a heap of different things, including drawing ideas for craft projects, so a stylus is a useful addition to my ipad accessories!


so, i have struggled with the itty bitty flat unresponsive blah virtual keyboard on the ipad, for 18 months ... until i went to a conference, and while sitting with a mate i noticed he was using a groovy teeny real 3d responsive lightweight uber cool bluetooth keyboard with his ipad!! ihave decided that for long documents, such as for note taking, email, and blog writing, the ipad external bluetooth connecting keyboard is a must have accessory!!!


recently i was rather unwell, and alas quite incapacitated and had taken to my bed, i was sick Batlings, oh so sick, but i still needed some fun distraction. Too ill to read, or draw, i decided i wanted to watch some videos... i streamed them from my pc to my ipad, and used my bluetooth speakers to provide better clearer louder sound quality!


okay back to the screen again, but less face it the ipad is one big screen!! I like to keep the screen clear, un smudged and disinfected, so i use LCD screen wipes on the screen. WOrk well, clean it, and dries clear and unsmudgy!!


if i want to import pix straight from my memory card to my ipad, i use a nifty little plug in thingo that has a place for the card and it plugs into the base of the ipad where the charger thigno goes. Anoher GREAT accessory as i can transfer m camera pix speedily to the ipad using this!

This is my top list of GREATS for my ipad. What ipad/tablet accessories do you use and think are great???


Sunday, 3 June 2012

Alphabet Challenge: Fantastic Finds

Up to the letter F in my alphabet Blog Challenge! Today's blog post is about FANTASTIC FINDS: things that i have found online that i think are really cool and want to share with all of you batlings out there!!!

1. Fantastic find one:

Online shop Haus of Zombi hosted as a Facebook page, this store has a great variety of the most amazing vegan lipsticks in a variety of hues! I have just ordered a glittery ruby lipstick, glittery green lipstick, and also a mega black mascara from this shop!!

2. Fantastic find two:

Interesting blog, if you are Goth or interested in reading more about the culture have a look at the blog called The Ultimate Goth Guide. A very well thought out blog, with DIY pages, fashion tips, and general discussion, i am a regular reader of this interesting and informative blog!

3. Fantastic find three:

Little Paws Kitten Rescue is a charitable organisation that rescues 'death row' cats from shelters and fosters them while they await their FURever homes. Additionally they rescue abused or homeless cats and look after them, making them healthy again, fostering them until they are adopted.

They do a wonderful job and the dedicated volunteers put a lot of their time, energy, and money into looking after the kitties! I adopted my adult cat, Phoenix II from them last year, and he is a great cat that has become very comfortable in our household.

If you wish to help this amazing NO KILL cat rescue organisation you can do so at this link: DONATE TO LITTLE PAWS.

For more information about this caring organisation or to learn how you can help them please visit their official website.

Fantastic find four:

4. Beaded Webs is a home run business specialisings in the most intricate, beautiful, decorative webs, bats, and trees of life made from wire and beads. I own three of her webs and three of her bats! They are beautiful and a bargain price for such well made items. Please check her online store out!

5. Fantastic find five:

Needle Noodles/Creepy Cute Crochet provides tutorials on crochet, sells her crochet items and patterns and has written a crochet pattern book, that i happen to have a copy of, called 'Creepy Cute Crochet'. If you are a Goth and want to make some cool gothic characters from crochet, have a look at her site and check out her book.

................................................................................................................ Please visit me on etsy! handcrafted gothic goodies at bargain prices. see me on etsy! ...Please visit me on etsy! handcrafted gothic goodies at bargain prices. see me on etsy!


Saturday, 2 June 2012

Alphabet Challenge: Eccentric, Eclectic, and Earthworms

Fifth post in the alphabet blog challenge, so yes Batlings, that means we are up to the letter E.

E is for a lot of words that i am fond of!

  • Elegant
  • Eclectic
  • Emeralds
  • Eccentric
  • Ecstatic
  • Earth worms....
So, which to choose for this blog??

Why choose thought I, this is my blog, and I shall write about any E that i wish to. So Batlings, welcome to this eccentric, eclectic, and .... Well ODD post!

Elegant: have you seen the gorgeous fingerless gloves made by ScarletRabbit on etsy? They are made from fine soft crochet cotton and enhance any outfit with their elegant lacey beautiful style.

I own several pairs of the fingerless gloves made from this etsy (ooh another E word) store, and i am a total fan of her crochet!

Eclectic... Ok, self promotion here batlings, i have a store on etsy that has all sprts of items that i have hand made, from toys, to jewellery, bags to stationery... My etsy store holds an eclectic collection of goth inspired unique wares!

Earthworms .. Okay, yes, i know there is no neat segue here, but hey earthworms are so cool!! Did you know that earthworms can regenerate themselves? There are around 2700 species of earthworms! In one acre of land, there can be more than a million earthworms!!! The Australian Gippsland Earthworm grows to 12 feet long and can weigh 1-1/2 pounds. There is some really interesting information about earthworms on the National Geographic site, why not have a read??


Friday, 1 June 2012

Alphabet Challenge: D ... D is for Demented Faery and she is running a competition!

Up to D in my alphabet challenge blog posts, and this is a great time to tell you about Demented Faery

Demented Faery is an Australian home based business stocking famous Goth brands as well as unique hand crafted Demented Faery Designs! I am a frequent customer and am always pleased with my purchases and the excellent customer service from this business.

Recently i purchased the most amazing purple cyberlox that Demented Faery had hand made, they are absolutely gorgeous, high quality, and a bargain price!

Famous for providing great competitions with super cool prizes for her customers to enter, Demented Faery has exceeded all her previous competitions with this amazing one for June 2012!

S.A.O.S: "Support small Alternative Online Stores" Competition, Starts today, June first and is open to Australian residents. Demented Faery is kindly helping small alternative stores to promote their wares by holding a competition where customers gain an entry by purchasing at least one item from her store PLUS at least one item from one of the particpant stores.

RULES for the competition

  2. Competition runs from 01.06.12 to 30.06.12
  3. All you have to do is buy from one or more of the stores below...Simply quote "SAOS" in the checkout or the paypal notes of the seller to be in the running for this prize.
The more stores you buy from the higher your chances are of winning this prize. Simply quote "SAOS" in their checkout to be in the running for this prize. All sales from 1st June through to 30th June will be in the comp.

  • This competition runs for a full month.
  • Starts: 1st June 2012
  • Ends: Midnight (QLD time)30th June 2012
  • The winner will be drawn using
  • The winner will be announced via Demented Faery blog as well as via email.
  • Your prize will be posted out via registered postage also.
  • only open to Australian residents.

Stores participating are:

  1. Demented Faery
  2. Beaded Webs
  3. Luna de Sangre
  4. Miss Morgue's Creations
  5. Countess von Belfry
  6. Empress Bat's Emporium
  7. Incarnadine Creations
  8. Voluptous Corsets Adelaide
  9. Haus of Zombi
  10. Kitty Made
  11. Small Batch Cake Soaps

~ Beaded Webs

Hand Made Beaded Webs

Donated this gorgeous beaded web

Luna De Sangre
The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood~ Jewellery & accessories

Donated two items: a hand made Lily Munster trinket box, as well as some hand made bat cards & envelope set.

~ Miss Morgue's Creations

"hand crafted unique pillows and cushion covers for all unique ghouls"

Helped out with buying this to add to comp...Very cool Batty pillow, matching batty fabric head scarf, 3 mixed fabric hair bows

~Countess Von Belfry

Wares for the Discerning Ghoul

Donated The Invisible Man ring, 3D skull in ornate setting + rosary,Real Scorpion Pendant + chain, Eyeball Hair Clip.

~Empress Bat's Emporium

Hand Made Jewellery & Dolls

Donated bat necklace, Glitter Skeleton hand necklace,Hand made felt toy keyring, Skull Ring,Hand Made & unique gift tags...

~ Incarnadine Creations

Handmade & custom jewellery for the alternative hearted

I purchased this for comp..Gorgeous hand made Green Skeleton Lady cameo pendant with matching ring, Black heart cameo necklace.

~Voluptuous Corsets Adelaide

Quality steel boned corsets

~Haus of Zombi

Make-up and accessories to die for!

Donated a Awesine $20 Instore Voucher...

~ Kitty Made

Fairy Wings, handmade plantbased soaps, crochet and knitted treasures....

Donated this cool mixed soap, Includes

Cold Process Plant Based Soaps. Vegan

Sandalwood, chocolate delight, Orange lovers, Creen/matcha tea, Riceflower & Shea, Orange & Patchouli, Vanilla, Lime & Ginger

~ Small Batch Cake Soaps

Pure gentle soap - handmade for you

Donated a Instore $10 voucher...Home of the very popular & New Vamp Soap..Expires 31st July 2012.

Demented Faery..donated a gorgeous & offical licensed sealed print of the amazing Jasmine Beckett-Griffith "Sea Beacon"

For more information please visit Demented Faery's blog or check out her FaceBook page!