Saturday, 19 May 2012

QLD Museum: MUMMY Secrets of the Tomb, brilliant exhibition!

The mysteries and science of ancient Egypt have long intrigued me, so im sure all you batlings out there will know how excited i was when i found out about an exhibition travelling from the British museum that featured the discovery information, artefacts and mummy of the ancient Egyptian Priest Nesperennub.

We booked ahead so we didn't have to line up on the day to book tickets... I'm not the most patient of goths and really have a string aversion to waiting in long non-moving lines. Tickets were nicely affordable at $21.45 each from Foxtix, and we could pay using Paypal which was convenient.

Prior to entering the exhibit room we were led into a small theatre where, upon donning '3d' glasses printed to resemble the Eye of Horus, we were transported into the world of the Historians and Scientists who had researched the mummy subsequent to it being purchased by the British museum. CT imaging was used to scan the mummy so as to avoid disrupting the wrappings and amulets of the preserved priest. The film took us through the CT scan process and explained the findings. It was a very interesting documentary that made a tasty precursor to the actual exhibition.

We then traversed into the exhibition, greeted with cabinets and shelves of all sorts of amazing original and some replica ancient Egyptian artefacts, we wandered through the exhibit enthralled. At the far end of the room the first mummy we encountered was that of a young female who was apparently a child singer in the court of an Egyptian noble who died at a young age. We also saw another mummy partially unwrapped and no longer sealed in decorated resin. In the last room of the exhibit rested the cartonnage mummy case with mummified body inside of the Priest Nesperenub.

This exhibit was educational, interesting, and a must see!


  1. Awesome! I love EGYPT I just finished up a series of Egypt ACEOs. Sounds like a great exhibit.

  2. I went last week, a really great experience that will live with me & the kids for the rest of our lives. We went a bit nuts at the shop, the prices were cheap as anything!!! And most of the stuff was from Egypt, not the normal rip-off Chinese rubbish you see. Highly recommended!!

  3. Sounds amazing!! I was always fascinated with Egypt as a child, and continue to do so even now. Great post! ;)


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