Saturday, 19 May 2012

Im sick, did i catch a computer bug???

Hi dear Batlings

It is Saturday afternoon, i am writing this missive from bed, while draped in bedding (and a small dog), and sneezing repeatedly, my throat is swollen and feels like i have been swallowing coals, and i hurt all over. Flu? Headcold? Computer virus????

Ok yes i do know that computer viruses arent going to make me sneeze, but follow my logic for a minute... If you dare...

i have spent the last three days at a conference about cyber crime, computing, IT security, malware, viruses, software bugs... There were many many people there ... Some were coughing and / or sneezing.. And there were late nights of geeky hilarity...

a bunch of humans shoved together for a few days is bound to mean a sharing of ideas, jokes, ?.. and the inevitable head cold virus....

To sum up... I was at a conference that in part spoke of computer viruses, and i have come home with a nasty cold... Therefore i attest that i have succumbed to a computer virus.. And it is making me sneeze.

And in othere news... I will blog more later about some arty projects im working on, plus stay tuned to my blog about the Egyptian mummy exhibition i attended last weekend.

In the meantime could someone pass me a tissue...? Aaaaaccchhhhhoooooooooo

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