Monday, 28 May 2012

EmpressBat's most loved Apothecaries

Dear Batlings,

Currently as i am feeling most unwell, my mind turns to all the delights that make me feel happy. .which brings me to thinking of some of the beautiful hand crafted wonders made by some of my favourite etsy artisans. Please do not start singing "these are a few of my fav-our-ite thiiings" .. Spare me from "the sound of music"... Please. Its not that i intensely dislike the musical based on the vonn trapp family's exploits, but im not in the mood for a singalong....

Anyway, where was i... Ah yes, a few of my favourite etsy artisans...


Firstly let me introduce you to the beautiful creations made by the wonderful herbalist, Irina, from Phoenix Botanicals. My first purchase from this etsy store was in September 2011, i had been searching online for a multi use balm made from natural ingredients. This was when i first encountered the amazing Fairie Balm, created and bottled by Phoenix Botanicals.

Delicately scented by beautiful linden tree blossoms, and other natural ingredients, this balm truly is soothing absorbing quickly into the skin with no unwanted residue, and the scent is uplifting, and delightful. I first used it as a lip balm, and after finding how well it healed my dry lips and then prevented further dry sore lip issues, i started to also use it as a cuticle cream. I am so impressed that my cuticles are all nice, soft, and not all zombiefied any more that i immediately had to buy more of this magical balm!! It has become a makeup lace-pouch staple of mine. (yes batlings, my makeup bag is a lace drawstring pouch, im sure none of you are surprised..)

I use Faerie Balm as:

  • lip balm
  • cuticle cream
  • Fingernail treatment
  • Ends of hair preshampoo treatment
  • General moisturiser

Recently i was very fortunate indeed to win one of Phoenix Botanicals perfumes called Love Potion, i had seen Irina speak of it on her facebook page, and was so happy to win a bottle! It has a very intoxicating scent and is sublime.


Speaking of perfumes, i have a neat segue to the second etsy artisan i wish to tell you all about. If you want a unique, carefully created, vegan fragrance, look no further than Cat's etsy store Deep Midnight Perfumes.

My usual purchase from the lovely Cat is her gothically glorious wonderful perfume oil Samhain Nights, blended in jojoba oil this perfume is fragrant and sweet, intoxicating frankinsence swept with the scent of a new season apple, this is another of my makeup pouch staples.

There are many fragrances that Cat creates that i really like and use when im not dabbing on the delicious Samhain Nights.

The perfumes from Cat that i most favour are:

  • Samhain nights
  • Wee green fae
  • Gwenhyfar
  • Boudica

Cat is a prolific creator of unique fragrance mixes, and im a total fan!!

For more information on all the SCENTsational perfumes Cat creates please have a look at her etsy store, Deep Midnight Perfumes, and her facebook page.

All of Cat's perfumes are Paraben Free, Phthalate Free, Cruelty Free, and most definitely Vegan.



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  1. I love Cats Deep Midnight perfumes! I have sampled
    Deep Midnight
    Bella Donna Kiss
    Avalon Mist

  2. Thank you Empress, and I hope you are feeling better!


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