Sunday, 8 January 2012

Artist Profile: Kim from SassySteampunk

Today's blog is a feature on that amazing Steampunk artisan Kim, from the etsy store Sassysteampunk.

First things first: what is Steampunk?
Becoming popular in the late 1980s, Steampunk is possibly a sub-genre of Cyberpunk and takes inspiration from Sci-Fi, fantasy, parallel histories, and  history meets future. There is an emphasis on steam or clockwork propelled engines, and modernistic inventions with an historical twist. I personally think of it as Jules Verne on Acid..... but I'm a classic goth, what would I know???

Kim of SassySteampunk
Kim hales from Alberta, Canada, her family comprises of two adult daughters, two grandchildren and two dogs. She is a jewellery maker and creates steampunk and goth inspired treasures. She is also a painter and designs tattoos although she states that she has known of her own.....yet.
An avid collector of blue dragonflies, and a fan of horror movies; collects glass orbs and also makes soap; what else inspires our steampunk artisan?
What inspires our Sassy Steampunk Kim?  Kim said that she was initially interested in designing and creating steampunk items  after seeing the video for Ben Lovett's song 'Eye of the Storm'. She has been interested in the steampunk genre for over four years, when initially she sold old watch parts. (think cogs, dials, cases, so cool!)

Kim's sassysteampunk treasures
Batlings, as you know I'm a traditional goth, i am into black lace, lush velvet, bats.... dripping candles ... knee high boots, and opera some of you may be surprised, and exclaim in horror as you are overcome in a stupor when I tell you that I am a fan of the etsy shop sassysteampunk

I seriously believe you do not have to be a steampunk aficionado to love her work!  
I have purchased several amazing jewellery items from her, and they are beautifully made unique accessories that are a pleasure and honour to wear! 

One of my fave pieces that I have purchased from Kim's shop is a small ring that comprises  a dismembered watch set on a silver plate ring base and features a crystal as a focal point. I also have a gorgeous dragonfly altered art domino necklace, a beautiful bat cuff and a lovely bat necklace.

Kim is a true artist, as can be seen by her beautifully designed and created pieces, I encourage all of you to take time to browse her shop and buy yourself something delightful from her beautiful wares.

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