Saturday, 19 November 2011

My recent purchases: check them out!

Hi my little Bat-lings, 

sorry for my slackness in regards to writing anything the last few weeks. Work has been most busy, and while that is guarranteed to keep me out of mischief, it also chases away the muse of creativity.

Today I am writing about a few of the purchases that I have made of late from fellow etsy sellers. I encourage others to drop by their etsy shops and pick up a few things for yourselves or as gifts for others! 

I have just ordered customised drop beads and some absolutely AMAZING lampwork bones from M1dnight Dreary.  I am very excited about these, and will be eager to see them when they arrive, as I have plans to make some jewellery for myself from them! Have a look at her store. you will love what she has there. very very talented lady!

I have purchased three times from the lovely Ruth at
She is a very creative, intelligent,  kind person and her talent is amazing.

I recommend her store for anyone looking for beautful quality hand made crochet accessories.

I love my choker that I bought from her so much I wear it many times in a week, the same with the wristlets... They are only NOT worn on the days i wash them!
I am also a repeat customer at Ghostgap's store on etsy, you can visit it by clicking this link

Julia is such a lovely person, and she is so clever!

She hand sews the most delightful trinket boxes, hair accessories and ornaments, The little bat trinket box I purchased from her is used all the time, and I have recently ordered another from her as I like it so much.
I am totally addicted to the gorgeous linden blossom scented faerie balm from Phoenix Botanicals ... thanks for that Irina!!

I have ordered a few times already in the last few months, I am scared they will run out .. and then i will have to wait for a LONG time until I can buy some again!

This delicately scented balm has so many uses, I use it as a lip balm before or instead of lipstick, i use it to soften cuticles, i rub it into the ends of my hair as a quick unfriz fix between shampoos!

this is a beautiful balm, do yourself a favour and grab some!

I am also a regular at the delightful Cat's gorgeous etsy shop where she creates and makes her own perfumes. Deep Midnight Perfumes  is the name of her etsy store.

She is happy to help you choose a scent that will suit you, and offers small sample packs at a very tiny price so you can get an idea of which perfumes you prefer so you know which ones to get next time. There WILL be a next time, once you have tried her perfumes you will never want to use any others!

I love in particular the Samhain night; Children of the Night, Esmeralda, Druids of Awen, and Bats in the Belfry.. those are my faves.. but she creates so many delightful fragrances that I have as yet to try them all... I WILL be trying them all by the way.. as they are all lovely, and never disappoint!
I HAVE to show you this purchase my fiends!

I have never owned a piece of 'steampunk' jewellery before, but this ring in Sassysteampunk's etsy store really appealed to me...

Kim is great, and she makes the most intricate amazing pieces .. industrial revolution turned chic!

No Kim, I am not turning steam punk... but this is a gorgeous ring and it had a lot of compliments when I wore it to work!

Please check out her etsy store, you do not have to be steampunk to want the great things she makes and sells, I am proof of that!!

PLEASE do not forget to check out  M1dnightDreary this girl is so very very talented. you will be amazed at her lampwork

Feel free to add comments and tell me about some of your recent purchases!
Thanks for tuning in guys.

............................................................................................................... Please visit me on etsy! handcrafted gothic goodies at bargain prices. see me on etsy! ...Please visit me on etsy! handcrafted gothic goodies at bargain prices. see me on etsy!


  1. Great post!! That ring is AWESOME...nice work Sassy!!

  2. I so appreciate being included in this assortment of beautiful and interesting things, thank you so much....absolutely lovely to make those things for you!

  3. Great purchases!! You have lovely taste! I am happy you enjoy my perfume! Thank you for including me in your in your shopping list. :)


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