Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Yes my hair is purple

I have been me for as long as I can remember, My parents have nobody to blame but themselves when they allowed me at the formative years of my life to watch the original 'Addams Family' series. Even at 2 years old I thought their house was cool , i loved the carnivorous plant Cleopatra, and want to be Morticia when I grew up.

As I am in my cough 40s cough, I can safely say I am not growing out of this goth stuff any time soon...

I dye my hair black, with a purple fringe, lately I have black hair with an iridescent green fringe, I have many ear piercings, and a nose piercing, I tend to wear a lot of black, I really love animals, and kind people call me eccentric, lets not talk about the impolite specimens of humanity who have been known to hurl unprovoked insults at me as it is far to hurtful to talk about.

Of course, with my eccentricities, lace gloves and parasol, you may be wondering if I am in fact gainfully employed.  Yes dear readers, I have a full time job, I am paid nicely for what I do thank you, and I enjoy it. I work in an internal fraud prevention field in computer forensics, and I am good at what I do, remain respectful to others, and I also am careful to not inadvertently insult stakeholders or colleagues by wearing or accessorising in a manner that would be unprofessional or inappropriate.

How do I do that and yet not sell out? Did I hear you snarl in my direction??

Well ask nicely and I shall tell you!

At work, I often wear plain black tshirts, black skirts (with lace, or in velvet, with ribbon etc), dark opaque tights, on frivolous days I may even wear fishnet tights to work, ... and I have good strong, reliable, Doc Marten boots.  My hair is very long so I tie it up in pigtails or plaits, or on carefree days i have it loose and tangly and swirly!!  I do wear chokers to work, but the ones I wear to work do not have spikes, will not take the eye out of my colleagues, and are usually velvet.  I will wear lace fingerless gloves to work, and if it is very sunny I will take my parasol.  In other words I 'downplay' my normal attire, in order to dress appropriately and professionally for my job, but I do not sell out.

Yes you can be a goth in the workplace.

You need to ascertain what dress codes apply in your job, and stylise yourself for work accordingly, even if you have a strict uniform, you can still wear a cool bat hairclip, or maybe some nice black tights and boots . Please do not be arrogant about your attire, and understand that in some instances your 10 inch spiked heels may in fact constitute a heal hazard at work, so save them for the weekends!

I would be interested to hear how others of my ilk manage to juggle being corporate wiht being goth. Please feel free to comment below!/

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