Monday, 3 October 2011

Resin Glue stuck on you ...??

I make a lot of different things, Sometimes I have the need to use resins, or strong adhesives, or maybe waterproof washable fabric glue.  I have experimented with a variety of adhesives and resins over the years, and have come up with a list of favourites for others who may suddenly have a pressing need for adhering that large heavy glass cabachon to that flimsy piece of tin bezel... or something.

This is MY OPINION ONLY, so don't blame me if you use the glues and end up sticking your nose to a pane of glass while mixing resins in a hot room with no ventilation and being committed to an institution for the criminally insane .......
Best Jewellery Glue: E6000  Info on E6000 glue  This stuff needs to be used in a WELL VENTILATED room, the vapours are noxious and I have read that they may contain a known carcinogen, so BE CAREFUL.  You will be fine if you don't SNIFF the glue.. or use it in a tiny shut room with no air.

This glue is very strong, and is great for gluing metal jewellery findings, wood, most plastics, leather, glass, and other jewellery items for a very strong, need to be the Incredible Hulk to pull apart after setting type of glue.

I use this glue for the jewellery I make, and any hair slides or hair accessories that require gluing, this stuff is very strong and ideal for jewellery making.

It is expensive, but you only need a small drop , I believe it to be stronger than 'super glue' and glues more types of items than two part epoxy resin, it is also slightly flexible when dry so it is not likely to crack with use.
Best all round Glue: Selleys Aquadhere PVA interior. Info about Selley's Aquadhere interior

This is an all round good glue, it is opaque and dries clear. I use it for felt projects that I am in no hurry to glue, it is great for decoupage both to glue paper/fabric on and to water down to use as a sealant for the project prior to varnishing.  note that it cannot be sanded, so don't use it if you need to sand it back afterwards.

This glue  is considered to be safe (non-toxic with no known nasties to hurt you in it) and as long as you wash up before the stuff sets, it can be cleaned up with water.

Useful for wood, felt, fabric, paper, comes in a variety of bottle sizes and a small amount goes a long way.

Also great watered down to use with paper for papier mache.

NOTE: not to be used for projects to be used in/ meant for areas where there may be prolonged contact with  water (steam, ice.. water in all its forms..) the glue is water proof when set, but long term contact with water can make the glue go soft and the item may fall apart.... 

Best Dimensional Glue/Resin: Magic Glos UV Resin info on Lisa Pavelka's magic glos UV resin No I didn't miss-spell gloss...  The name of the resin is Magic-Glos UV Resin ...
I recently started using this after some unsatisfactory results with two part resins, and some other dimensional glue stuff that was cloudy, took too long to cure, or stunk the house out.

This stuff is brilliant, it needs UV light to cure, but I don't have a UV lamp and have used the very strong sunlight streaming through the lounge room window successfully, placing my items to cure on the window sill, this maybe doubles the time it would take to cure in a UV electric light, but still works well. Example, a thick coating of the resin may take five minutes to maybe seven minutes to dry under UV lamp, but ten to fifteen minutes to dry on the very sunny windowsill. It is still fast curing time for dimensional resin/ glue!  If you are intending to place items to cure on the windowsill, make sure the sun is streaming on it, and keep the cat away...

It is non-toxic, doesn't stink, actually it has no discernible odour, and it cures to a slightly domed, clear, hard surface. I deal for creating cabochon effects on decoupaged bezel pendant settings!  I also use it to make raised effects on fancy pictures on cardboard....

Watch Point: please make sure you have used a NON-WATER BASED varnish or sealant on the item you wish to cover with this, as it doesnt set well on water based stuff.


Best Fabric Glue: Helmar Wash n Wear Glue info about the wash n wear fabric glue here

This glue is great for gluing appliques onto fabric, or to glue felt onto other felt or fabric if the item is intended to be able to be machine washed and dried. This glue once cured , which takes baout 48 hours, dries from opaque to a clear washable bond. It remains slightly flexible when dry so it is great to use with fabric that is meant to be moved.

NOTE: do not soak fabric that you have used this glue on (if you want the item to stay stuck on), although this is washable glue once cured, and can also be put in a machine drier, it is advisable not to soak items it has een used on as this may weaken the glued bond.

This is an Australian owned company and the glue is made in Australia.


I have other items that I am currently reviewing for my own craft use, and will blog about them another time.. I have more glues to list as well... but I shall unstick myself from the keyboard and go and make a coffee....

If anyone else has a glue or resin they think is worth a mention please comment on this blog, I am always interested to hear about glues, resins, varnishes... stuff.. for craft.



  1. Addenda : when curing UV resin on a windowsill keep the cat away.....and the dog... And make sure the window is shut so the rain doesn tget in....
    < end transmission >

  2. Wow very useful info! :D I have tried many many times to use E6000 but it doesn't work for me.. So I did some research and I found that there are lots of other people in the same situation! This glue is really tricky!! :P

  3. Hey Nocturne! i wipe the areas to be glued with alcohol , let them dry, then apply the E6000 to both parts, wait a minute then place them together. that works for me.


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