Sunday, 30 October 2011

Old and Uncool

Dear Batlings,

I am tired, not sleeping much at night, and feel really yuk. I in fact feel ancient, uncool, boring, unattractive, and like an unwanted heap of mushy peas on a plate. Which would be fine if you like mushy peas, but as it happens i abhor them!

i feel very old and dusty and hideously revolting as my birth day looms closer. Chronology does not usually bother me, however at the moment it is causing me a lot of self doubt and depressive thoughts.

I find a lot of humans to be:

  • too wild for me,
  • too loud,
  • too obnoxious,
  • too disloyal,
  • bitchy and unrestrained in nastiness
  • fast to take offence
  • full of resentment,
  • unable to take pleasure in the happiness of others
  • unable to love in purity and with genuine affection,
  • too out for themselves.

I am a tired, disillusioned Goth, that only wants my pets, love, kindness and nice people in my life from this day forward.


a friend on etsy shared this link with me, it is inspiring and good and all things that is right, please have a read