Sunday, 30 October 2011

Old and Uncool

Dear Batlings,

I am tired, not sleeping much at night, and feel really yuk. I in fact feel ancient, uncool, boring, unattractive, and like an unwanted heap of mushy peas on a plate. Which would be fine if you like mushy peas, but as it happens i abhor them!

i feel very old and dusty and hideously revolting as my birth day looms closer. Chronology does not usually bother me, however at the moment it is causing me a lot of self doubt and depressive thoughts.

I find a lot of humans to be:

  • too wild for me,
  • too loud,
  • too obnoxious,
  • too disloyal,
  • bitchy and unrestrained in nastiness
  • fast to take offence
  • full of resentment,
  • unable to take pleasure in the happiness of others
  • unable to love in purity and with genuine affection,
  • too out for themselves.

I am a tired, disillusioned Goth, that only wants my pets, love, kindness and nice people in my life from this day forward.


a friend on etsy shared this link with me, it is inspiring and good and all things that is right, please have a read


  1. Your imperial majesty, you might not celebrate the day of your birth, but we, your loyal subjects, do. So cast aside those treacherous deceitful birthday saboteurs, and take joy in the fact others take joy in you being here.

  2. hahahahahahahaha. thank you o thee humble servant!

  3. Your illustriousness,

    (I know the title isn't quite right, but I like the sound of it). We can''t wait to see you and look forward to celebrating the day of your birth (though I bet Katharine won't let me come to the choc-birthday celebration).

    Yours humbly

  4. Hi:-)
    an award waiting for you at my blog:-)


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