Wednesday, 26 October 2011

More from the Apothecary of empressbat


Dear Batlings,

I have become obsessed with tiny glass bottles, cork stoppers, and creating olde worlde apothecary labels. (I hope you liked my Antique version of ‘Old World’.. I aim to please)

Yesterday I bottled tiny satin bats to form my bottled bats essence of friendship bottles, today i have bottled a small brass key..the key of Fidelis, elixir of loyalty, and also I have bottled a tiny plastic spider, Bottled Spider Tincture of Happiness… 

Maybe I need to go back to work??

I started cleaning our coffee table today, I found a bottle of glitter I had misplaced,… hmmmm  glitter, resin, and ..some trinket, would look great in an apothecary jar…

Back to bottling found objects, I will check in again later.

In the meantime fiends, don’t be strangers, just be strange!

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