Friday, 14 October 2011

Favourite gothic etsy stores (part two)

The beauty of etsy is that one can shop from the comfort of ones nice ergo desk chair, and check out so many wonderful items hand crafted by talented people.  Today for part two of my fave etsy shops review, I am choosing a few members from the goth n gorgeous team (*), not all of them specialise in gothic items, but their handicrafts are beautiful and will be a lovely addition to any Goth's home, jewellery box or wardrobe.
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(*) I created a team on etsy called goth n gorgeous, and we have really great active, talented members on board.  I am the 'captain' of the team, and have appointed some cool etsians as leaders to help support and motivate the team.  The leaders in the goth n gorgeous team have really funky shops please have a look at them: there is Jynxx;  ghostgap,  Lady Nocturna,deepmidnightbathery and UlZaorith.

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The owner of this store makes elegant handcrafted accessories, sashes, shoe clips and hair clips to name a few. Although not goth her shop certainly can cater ably to the needs of us darkling bats... I personally have been checking the items she has that come in purple, black, or red... Please have a look at her etsy shop, you will be delighted at what she has on sale.

German for Tragic Bat .. love it... this shop, Domus des Atrum Bella,  has the most divinely hand painted coffin trinket boxes. The artist is friendly and happy to custom design one just for you!
I have recently been in conversation with her as I want a custom painted coffin trinket box from her store, she is so helpful and has the most amazing ideas. Please go to her etsy shop and have a look for yourself! what a perfect gift idea for the Batling in your life.

Specialising in Steampunk jewellery and found objects, this seler makes amazing jewellery. Dont think its just for steampunks either (we do not like discrimination on this blog my batling friends), these designs are beautiful hand crafted artefacts that are made with care. 

............................................................................................................... Please visit me on etsy! handcrafted gothic goodies at bargain prices. see me on etsy! ...Please visit me on etsy! handcrafted gothic goodies at bargain prices. see me on etsy!


  1. Lovely post! Thank you for including me. :-)

  2. you are most welcome madscientist!!stay tuned for more reviews!


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