Saturday, 8 October 2011

Favourite gothic etsy stores (part one)

It is a rewarding experience becoming a part of etsy. It isn't just about selling items, it is about meeting like minded people, finding etsy stores that sell things I really like and usually have to make for myself if i want them as they are not commercially available, and seeing all the great ideas and artwork of other people. It is a huge global community of artisans and I really enjoy being a part of it.

I created a team on etsy called goth n gorgeous, and we have really great active, talented members on board.  I am the 'captain' of the team, and have appointed some cool etsians as leaders to help support and motivate the team.  The leaders in the goth n gorgeous team have really funky shops please have a look at them: there is Jynxx;  ghostgap,  Lady Nocturna, deepmidnightbathery and UlZaorith.

All members of our team are encouraged to be an active part of our virtual artisan community, and we encourage and support each other in our handicrafts and art.  Our team doesn't bow to egos, as our common goal is to promote each others work, provide inspiration and encouragement, and to have a fun time while doing it.

In today's blog I would like to share with you all some of my favourite etsy stores.
This list could go on and on and on, but here are just a few , please check these guys out, they make some very cool things.  Have a browse in their stores, make a purchase or three.


The owner of this store, Julia, is a very talented lady who makes the most imaginative and cute creations.
She also chats to me over etsy mail and keeps me occupied while im on train journeys to work.. which i find a great distraction to my almost two hour commute to work each day, because she is in USA and I am in Australia she is usually settling down for an evening of relaxation as I am venturing out on public transport of a morning trying to avoid the feral humans spitting on the train ....

With a Halloween twist, her items include such greats as : a pirate trinket box, a miniature Halloween house, and a black cat necklace.

Julia is friendly and approachable and committed to excellence in customer service. Her second etsy shop is angels and crafts and there you will find an array of gorgeous angel themed items, and gentle accessories like this sweet barrette. I personally like her birthstone angel for November (because its all about me.. well my birth month anyway!). I have recently ordered a custom made trinket box from her, Julia is happy to accommodate custom orders.

Her work is high quality and you can see that she is passionate about what she does. Please visit her stores and make a purchase, ideal for gifts for whatever holiday you subscribe too!


Moira Coon

The items in this store contain such treasures as reproduction Victoriana ephemera, I am particularly fond of the pendants that are made to look like vintage poison bottles. My favourite being the arsenic bottle pendant. I am also impressed that the store owner tries to use recycled packaging wherever possible.


Moonie Tricks Designs

This lady is an inspiration. read her profile on etsy and see how she has motivated herself after facing adversity.  I personally admire her for her positive attitue and her self discipline and her very attitude is inspiration and motivation to others.

I have purchased one of her items, a gorgeous bat lanyard clip, and use it at work all the time. It is high quality, looks beautiful, and is very useful. She has so many beautiful hand made items to sell in her shop, you need to visit it to see for yourself!  I am a happy customer of her store and can vouch for her high quality items and wonderful customer service.


Jynxx Designs

Jynxx makes the most inventive, amazing, charm bracelets I have ever seen (and hey I make my own charm bracelets, and hers are FAR superior to anything I could make!) I have purchased a rat inspired charm bracelet from her and am excitedly waiting for its arrival in the post! You really need to have a look around her etsy store to see the amazing jewellery she has created. A halloween bracelet she has made that features spiders, cats, witches and other amazing beads and charms looks so beautiful and is so well made you would expect it to be selling for $100 or more, but she keeps all her prices fair. I also really like a black cat bracelet she has made, and am secretly hoping nobody else will buy it yet, as I want to buy it for myself as soon as i have some cash!!


Catrianna (Cat) is a perfume artisan who concocts amazing unique and ethereal fragrant fantasies!
I have recently ordered one of her sample packs so I can decide which ones i prefer to buy as a larger vial.  Cat respects animals and her products are vegan, scores BIG POINTS with me!

Cat is a highly skilled artisan, she is friendly and helpful, I contacted her to ask for suggestions for which of her perfumes she thought I would like and she provided a thoughtful, honest and quick response to me. She is well schooled in alternative therapies and has an eclectic collection of formal qualifications and her products reflect her knowledge, imagination and amazing abilities, please note that her products are kind to the environment and kind to the humans that use them being both Pthalate and Paraben free.  


Please note that this is PART ONE of a series of reviews I am writing regarding etsy shops that appeal to me, stay tuned for more. Feel free to comment on any of my postings i welcome feedback and ideas.

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  1. Thank you for writing about our etsy shops! The goth n gorgeous team is a great team and we appreciate all you do as captain to promote us and encourage team building!

  2. Thank you for the wonderful blog post Empressbat! There are so many talented people in this team, and it is great that you encourage and suppost everyone the way you do. I am honored to have such nice things said about my shop!


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