Sunday, 23 October 2011

Favourite Goth etsy stores (part 3)

Dear Fiends, here we come to part three in my series, 'favourite gothic etsy stores'. Please note that each of these store owners are part of the Goth n Gorgeous etsy team that caters for creative like minded individuals in the virtual etsy community.

Scarlet Rabbit
Just look at these beautiful hand crochet designs made so brilliantly by Ruth. What a talented lady!  I recently purchased from her and found her to be a really lovely person: she is talented, kind, and a delight to communicate with.  

Please look at her etsy store and buy yourself something from her elegant collection.

Yes i know..I am gothically inclined not steampunkilly.., but as we have said before dear Batlings, we do not abide stereotyping or discrimination in this blog! 

Just have a look at the great things Kim has made, and you will understand why she is included in this post!


Prisca is another talented maker of gorgeous crochet items.
She specialises in making Amigurimi toys, some of which are Goth! I have purchased one of her creations from her, a cute cactus character that will  make a lovely edition to my desk at work!

You need to have a look at her store and she also takes commissions through her Facebook page.


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