Tuesday, 25 October 2011

And in today’s news: bottled bats

Hi Fiends.
I am on leave this week, pottering around the house, husband is at work, pets are hanging out with me, and I am making stuff. Necklaces, clothes, artwork…
My latest fun project is making bottled bats!
Not as gruesome as it sounds my Batlings I assure you. I happen to like bats, in fact there is a colony of Pteropus alecto living across from our house.
No my dear Fiends, I am in fact embedding tiny fabric bats into glitter filled resin, and setting them inside tiny bottles!

Am I insane? … probably
Are the bottled bats cute? Indeed they are!

As yet I am not intending to sell my Apothecary bottled bats, as I have made them with the sole intention of giving them to the humans who are important to me,  as special gifts in appreciation of their friendship.

Due to the mess inherent with using casting resin, glitter, glue, and tiny objects, I have managed to glue a bat to my forehead, get glitter on my husband’s shirt that I was ironing , and I fear I may have spilled resin on the table… but let us not cry over spilled resin, and hurry instead to wipe it up before it sets!!empressbats special bottled bats apothecary

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  1. Cool! Though I know all about the horrors of resin too well...


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