Sunday, 9 October 2011

ACEOS: have you dabbled in making them?

Yes I know, I have blogged about them before, but these things fascinate me. They are art miniatures without all that formal arty constraint stuff put on official art miniatures. You can do so much with them!

Some of the members of the etsy team Goth n Gorgeous have also been making ACEO, and the results are great.

Sassysteampunk has this great Halloween ACEO which is fun, would make a great Halloween TREAT or card, and is also a great ACEO collectible.

Another Goth n Gorgeous team member Madscientist designs  also has ACEOS, featuring altered art, and includes Alice in Wonderland themed artwork That being my fave book of all time, makes me really like those ACEOS! Note these ACEOS are ALTERED ART, the artist has NOT merely stuck a printed piece of paper on a card... this has real creativity and heart in it.

As I mentioned  I am also venturing into the exciting fun creative world of ACEO creating. Currently I am working on Ancient Egyptian and also Vintage Garden themed ones.  Below is a pic of the scarab ACEO i made, as part of my Egyptian ACEO series. I have listed this for sale in my etsy store just to see if there is any interest. 

I am also  interested in locating other ACEO makers who want to be part of an ACEO swap, to build a lovely collection of hand crafted art.  If you are interested in an ACEO swap thing, please let me know in the blog comment section!!

I think ACEOS would make great little tokens of appreciation to give to someone, a hand crafted ACEO is a real keepsake that can be framed, put in a scrapbook, added to an album, glued to a notebook cover, used as decoration on a trinket box, the uses go on and on... as do i...

There are many web pages that provide assistance in how to create ACES, but i think one of the best ways to create them.. is just get yourself some card stock, and some supplies, paint, ink pens, glue, embellishments, whatever.. and make something!!

If however you really want to read instructions on how to create ACEO please see the link below:


  1. I've recently become addicted to ACEOs myself! It is a lot like potato chips: you just can't eat only one! They are super fun and I hope you continue to make them. :-)

  2. I've never heard of these until just now. I'll be sure to look into them Thanks


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