Thursday, 1 September 2011

Resin and how it sets

I use resin in some of the items i make, casting resin usually as it is strong, stays clear, and has a lovely finish to it. This type of resin will set eventually on its own...think 10 months or so in sunlight and air.... however to speed the process up one uses a catalyst.  In this case i used a small amount of MEK peroxide to accelerate the process of heating and setting of the resin.

If I had ever been in any doubt about how hot the resin gets as it sets, I can assure you all, that subsequent to spilling a large blob of mixed resin on my hand... the heat generated is extreme and is fast to get to maximum heat....  resin in its liquid state is also highly corrosive... just as well i was the only human in the house at the time.. as i *may* have screamed like a bratty two year old, with the pain of the chemical burn on my  hand....
even as it was burning me.. the first aid certified part of me was yelling in my head...'rinse with water rinse with water..quick' .. oh please do you really think i listen to myself????

After al that.. here is a pic of a necklace i made... it is a portrait of a character i have created called Greenwich the zombie cat.. set in resin topped with a glass cabochon and fixed to a satin green cord.

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