Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Blank Blog syndrome

I am tired, no, i am beyond tired. I have got to the point where it makes my brain 'hurt' to have to think out anything more complex than the innate actions of breathing, swallowing .. possibly walking.. make that kind of staggering......I am exhausted.

I opened the blog page, and thought I will relax my tired mind by writing some prose of little merit but of a cathartic value to myself, but then I was struck with the whiteness of the blog field on the screen.. could not bring myself to type..anything... and my mind could not think of one single thing to was at that moment that I  realised I had been afflicted with blank blog syndrome... (cue dramatic music)

At times in my life I have had blank canvas syndrome... when I had been asked to paint something specific for someone, got all my paints ready.. and then just stared in terror at the pristine blankness of the stretched canvas... then there has been conventional writers block.. at work, when i need to finish a report, i have all the data ready, open up a word document.. and then get that clutch of fear as I realise.. the words arent there!!!

So tonight I fear I have blank blog syndrome...
and because of that I think i shall go and open a bottle of apple, lime, strawberry cider, grab a book, and go and relax.

<end transmission>

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