Tuesday, 13 September 2011

why sell on etsy

etsy, the site to buy and sell hand crafted or vintage items and supplies first went live to the internet in June 2005, some people have actual businesses on there, and their etsy shop frionts are either as well as or instead of a physical store. Others list on etsy as a hobby, or visit the site to locate some cool unique handmade items, vintage wares, or craft supplies to buy for themselves or as gifts for others.

Im on etsy for a bit of fun, i make stuff all the time , give stuff to friends and family, keep some stuff for myself, .. and as i make so many often quite diverse items, I thought i would try to sell my overflow of handmade things on etsy. I have had one sale in the month i have been on etsy, and as this is a hobby and not my source of income, that's fine.

For some people, etsy is where they hope to make a real go at a business, and if sales are slow to start can be put off by the lack of interest in their wares.

The etsy community, i think, is more than a group of people who buy or sell hanging out in a virtual place that sells things. It is a place where like minded people can interact and discuss their handicraft interests, and provide support and encouragement to each other, their fellow craftsmen and women.

In the month I have been on etsy, I have met (in a virtual sense) people from all over the world who have similar interests to me, or who have brilliant ideas and creativity that they are happy to share with others, or people who have had really bad times and are using etsy as an outlet to help them to relax and rejuvenate their minds.

I think that etsy has grown into something even more than first envisioned by the small company who dreamed it up, iospace. ever thought it would.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

reusable gothic gift bags

Today I am working on reusable gift bags. Making them out of acrylic felt so that they are sturdy , i think our American friends could also use them as 'trick or treat' bags.. but i think reusable gift bags works for me...

A smallish mass produced paper and cardboard gift bag from a shop costs around $5 , I am selling these handmade unique and quality bags for $5 ... yet they are so much better than the mass produced flimsy stuff in shops!

ETSY LISTING: reusable gift bag $5 AUD

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Blank Blog syndrome

I am tired, no, i am beyond tired. I have got to the point where it makes my brain 'hurt' to have to think out anything more complex than the innate actions of breathing, swallowing .. possibly walking.. make that kind of staggering......I am exhausted.

I opened the blog page, and thought I will relax my tired mind by writing some prose of little merit but of a cathartic value to myself, but then I was struck with the whiteness of the blog field on the screen.. could not bring myself to type..anything... and my mind could not think of one single thing to write......it was at that moment that I  realised I had been afflicted with blank blog syndrome... (cue dramatic music)

At times in my life I have had blank canvas syndrome... when I had been asked to paint something specific for someone, got all my paints ready.. and then just stared in terror at the pristine blankness of the stretched canvas... then there has been conventional writers block.. at work, when i need to finish a report, i have all the data ready, open up a word document.. and then get that clutch of fear as I realise.. the words arent there!!!

So tonight I fear I have blank blog syndrome...
and because of that I think i shall go and open a bottle of apple, lime, strawberry cider, grab a book, and go and relax.

<end transmission>

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Just Discovered Artist Trading cards (ACEO/ATS)

I have just started doing quick 'art' pieces on thick cartridge cardstock that is 2.5" * 3.5", similar to the size of collectable trading cards. They are  called ACEO or ATC. 

ACEO =  Art Cards Editions and Originals also known as Artist trading cards or ATCs are collectable once off piece of art works that began in the tradition of business cards, but with a personal, artistic and most of all UNIQUE twist.

Because they are the size of other standard trading cards, most will fit in trading card sleeves. They are meant to be unique and are not a mass produced product.

I will experiment with different media, I have just completed an acrylic paint ACEO of my zombie cat character, and will be working on other themes, images, and media as i experiment with ACEO.


Freda the Fruitbat ACEO

Halftail the Cat ACEO

Greenwich the Zombie cat ACEO

Friday, 2 September 2011

DON'T bring on the clowns

Hands up who finds clowns creepy??

Personally I have always been quite terrified of them. Some unknown humanoid form in baggy pants and face completely covered... who knows what was lurking behind the white face and clown pants???  My clown paranoia has often been laughed about (excuse the pun), however it appears I am most definitely not alone.

I read a report about children disliking and/or being scared of the clown images used in medical facilities... the aim by the well meaning adults was to make the kids feel less intimidated by the medical surroundings, however that appears to have backfired.

see the report here http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/7189401.stm

Join me people.. say NO to clowns!!

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Resin and how it sets

I use resin in some of the items i make, casting resin usually as it is strong, stays clear, and has a lovely finish to it. This type of resin will set eventually on its own...think 10 months or so in sunlight and air.... however to speed the process up one uses a catalyst.  In this case i used a small amount of MEK peroxide to accelerate the process of heating and setting of the resin.

If I had ever been in any doubt about how hot the resin gets as it sets, I can assure you all, that subsequent to spilling a large blob of mixed resin on my hand... the heat generated is extreme and is fast to get to maximum heat....  resin in its liquid state is also highly corrosive... just as well i was the only human in the house at the time.. as i *may* have screamed like a bratty two year old, with the pain of the chemical burn on my  hand....
even as it was burning me.. the first aid certified part of me was yelling in my head...'rinse with water rinse with water..quick' .. oh please do you really think i listen to myself????

After al that.. here is a pic of a necklace i made... it is a portrait of a character i have created called Greenwich the zombie cat.. set in resin topped with a glass cabochon and fixed to a satin green cord.