Sunday, 28 August 2011

Why do weekends go faster than the working week?

Don't get me wrong, most of the time I enjoy my job, I work with computers and data a lot, and that is just right for me. On weekends I spend a lot of time designing and creating things, which I have a feeling I enjoy far more than my real job....

Weekends go super fast.. I am hectically drawing designs and working out what resources I need to realise my ideas into ..things... the weekend zooms past while I am engrossed in creativity.. and then suddenly its Monday morning.. and my husband yells out ' hey get up are you going to work' .. as he is already clothed and almost out the door to get to work..

If only I could put independently wealthy and could spend my days being creative.....

see my latest item, a bat gothic type messenger bag, on etsy.

Also a nifty reusable notepad cover with mini notepad included

Thursday, 25 August 2011

welcome to my Blog

Years ago, when the www was kind of new and people were still in awe of this new fangled internet thing, I had started a web journal.  I soon lost interest in it and went back to reading, playing with my pets, playing music, and making stuff.

This weekend I started to sell my hand made stuff on etsy, (/ ) and it was then that I noticed people writing about all sorts of things blogging about their handicrafts, writing about their pets, sharing pictures, recipes etc....and whether what they say interests others or not, i suppose it is kind of cathartic to rave online to an anonymous audience. I  figured I will try my little gothic paws at web logs.. or blogs once again... technology has improved so much since I first tried a web journal.. so why not give it a go!